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We are shaping a lifestyle, one which maintains balance between mind and body! Nature is an incredibly important factor in maintaining optimum function in the body as well as the mind. Releasing the build of static electricity in the body is a necessity and one that is often overlooked. However frequent interaction with nature  greatly assists in maintaining this balance!

The build up of static electricity (from computers, phones and the overwhelming technological environment) contributes to cell damage as the body is an electrical system. Water acts as a conduit for electricity and is required for cell function. Damaged cells are minimally oxygenated causing much stagnation in the water surrounding the cells. (stagnant lymph fluid) This sets the course for many diseases and also interferes with brain function, clarity and optimum productivity.

Corporate Retreats

  • Employees

  • Management

  • Upper management


  • Health reboot

  • Unplug – Technology

  • Brain Reboot – mind and body

  • Nature, camping, hiking

Private Retreats

Sonia customizes a retreat ideal for private groups or organizations. Retreats are based on the same principles of unplugging technologically, emotionally and physically. The art of being playful as we return to our natural state of being by stepping away from everyday life in the adult roles we play. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the characters and identity assumed for the outside world.  The idea is to come away with fresh perspectives; the art of not taking one self so seriously. The clarity we seek is most often buried in simplicity.

Let’s Play!

 To discuss further and to customize a retreat or seminar please contact us at or (818) 899-1133

Length of Retreats

1 Day retreats

2 Days or more

Sonia has previously organized events in the Hollywood arena. She has spearheaded the organizing of such projects as: ICM’s coveted Oscar party, Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes post wedding celebration in Beverly Hills, Joel Silver (Producer of the Matrix trilogy) numerous events, Michael Jordan Golf Tournament (yearly Bahamas event), Walt Disney employee events, Paramount Pictures charity events, Victoria Secret to name a few including a number of corporate events.


Talks completely related to Health are also available.  Sonia Barrett has been a Holistic Practitioner and Certified Lymphologist for over 20 years. She is also the producer of The Business of Disease Documentary and publisher of Health an Inside Job an Outside Business. Her associates are a group of experts available for joint seminars and retreats. What they offer are simple but cutting edge methods for self care.