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The Holographic Canvas, the fusing of mind and matter
Sonia Barrett’s first book. The Holographic Canvas explores many possibilities one of which raises the question “is Earth as we know it but a matrix or system of programs? Is death then a necessary process or is it simply part of the matrix program? CLICK HERE


Sonia Barrett’s second book. A Journey of Possibilities, Are those possibilities restricted by the systems design and programs? Who controls the game? To find out more our to purchase  ( also available on Amazon): CLICK HERE


Health an Inside Job an Outside Business; Sonia Barrett’s third book (published by Sonia) as a supplement to her documentary The Business of Disease. Each chapter is written by those in the film including Sonia.  CLICK HERE


Simple Ways to Step Outside of your Comfort Zone; Letting go of an outdated life. this is Sonia Barrett’s fourth book. This handbook compels you to notice your comfort zones even when it might be believed that there are none. Being stuck in certain comfort zones can indeed affect even the way that we age. It is essential that these bodies are fed new experiences. Cells feed off of the energy of an expansive mind. These new experiences create new neural pathways in the brain. CLICK HERE