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Time Simulations and the Engineering of Reality

Time is the space or distance between two points. This space in between is where we hold our allegiance. It is the great paradox for it exists but it doesn’t. To wrap our minds around this science is to change the time programs and protocols at the cellular level

Reality is engineered by a network of time simulations, the brain, the mind and the body. Your spirit has always been free. Stretching one’s mind in understanding the phenomenon of time will dissolve old beliefs about one’s longevity, one’s destiny and your power to reengage in a limitless life.  We are the ultimate programmers.

We are in a heightened field of evolutionary possibilities restricted only by our beliefs. Unlocking and recoding your own time cycle is possible.

The creative process of reality is an enigma. At what levels are we both the gods and the enslavers?

The laws of physics are pliable, adjusting according to the evolution of our consciousness as individuals and as a collective. Life is a science and what we choose to know is up to each of us, how far we choose to journey is also up to us. Limitations are programmed beliefs from which we draw conclusions about what is possible.

To ponder the scientific discovers made 50 years ago or 200 years ago and to then consider the discovers that will be made 50 or 250 years from now is to recognize the potential to collapse or to expand time allowing encounters with greater levels of knowledge. The pliability principle makes it all possible.


This workshop is for those who are expansive in their thinking. It’s for those who question reality beyond structured rules or limitations about what is possible. Its for those who wish to live beyond the programmed view of time and life cycles. It’s for those who understand the significance of breaking out of the collective programs about reality. Its for those who no longer need the crutch of external worship. It’s for those who understand that the true nature of their life is not run by the external governing systems.


Although the magnitude of reality cannot be expressed in words, when certain concepts are articulated they ring true to us and there is a knowing that emerges. So it is with the workshops that I have presented over the years. Much of this information is generally way outside the box and digs into long held scientific principles however attendees come alive as the information clicks with their own inner search, their own silent knowing. The objective of this workshop is to support greater confidence in trusting yourself and your own mind bending curiosities, much of which you may have been unable to share with others.

Science is used to support these concepts. We gain power when we no longer need to pacify ourselves with limiting beliefs as a blanket of protection. Embracing all that we have been is a very necessary key in our expansion. A master embraces the totality of the journey for he/she is aware that it has been a stepping stone to a more expansive moment. You are encouraged to embrace it all.


This will be interactive so come prepared to participate. The idea is to unlock, decode and expand. We all have different areas that we struggle with. The intention of this workshop is to break through yet another level of the simulations.


  1. The precession of the equinox as it relates to the human life cycle
  1. The universe as a program ran simulation
  1. Humans as a holographic program
  1. Leaving fear behind and stepping into the unknown- your past future
  1. Understanding time as it relates to consciousness
  1. Time as it relates to the human body
  1. The calculation of human lifespan
  1. You as a consciousness system
  1. Decoding ones journey as it relates to the automated schedule of evolution
  1. Taking an individual leap beyond the time program
  1. When is the ego necessary
  1. Your life is a habitual program that can be rewritten
  1. The importance of the Ultradian Rhythm in stepping beyond the automated protocols
  1. Living in a meditative field
  1. Activating the body
  1. The difference between bliss and avoidance