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The Technology of Human Existence, Going beyond the concept of consciousness

In 2007 when I published my first book The Holographic Canvas, it was different yet many felt that it expressed concepts that they were never able to put into words. For many it gave them permission to “go there” in there thinking. Over the years I have spoken about reality from the perspective of technology; a cosmic technology. It was outside of the comfort zone for some and still is, simply because it shook the foundation of their belief system.

Much of what I have shared over the years is now becoming more common talk by scientists such as the universe as a computer system, and the question of robots and consciousness as it relates to humans.

This 6 part webinar promises to dive even deeper into the engineering of reality in a way that I have not shared before. What I have come to realize is the necessity of coming face to face with our relationship to this engineered reality program. I have gradually been introducing the idea of consciousness as just another system, in workshops and a few lectures. In my book A Journey of Possibilities there is mention of it. Since then I have heard similar concepts in a couple of films and I got excited because this was the first time that I heard anyone question the idea of consciousness. However my mention of this goes further back than any of these films.

I have a sense that it’s time to bring this all to the forefront as it is a major key in seeing beyond the layers of smoke and mirror particularly in regards to the human experience. This workshop is for those who are ready and willing to go beyond the general limiting concepts (new age and religion for the most part). It’s for those who are open to going beyond definite conclusions and scientific beliefs. Much of this serves to loop our minds back into the general earth experience with slightly different twists. These twists give many a sense of moving forward. There are no mandatory ways to play this earth game however it becomes a matter of determining when and if one is ready to transcend the loop; the same old tried and true beliefs and experiences in the level one human collective field.

This workshop will explore and redefine the concept of consciousness. We will examine the engineering of “what we are” in relationship to these layers of codes and programs identified as “you” and “me”. We will definitely reference scientific discovers that when cohesively pulled together will present a clear picture.

There is no coincidence in the current upswing of technology. This alerts us to the realization that the shape of reality is drastically changing. Some are coded to be here in this time if only for segments of this morphing. 2016 seemed like mass exodus as many expired from the planetary game. They were not coded for this time stream. These codes rely on various criteria in supporting the shifting paradigm.

These are aspects that are part of the coding system as they support a future opportunity for polarized shifts in the individual. In other words they present evolutionary transition opportunities for the game player.

  • Slave and master
  • Pauper and wealthy
  • Victim and victimizer
  • Sick and well
  • Believer and non-believer
  • Influencer and influenced

To transcend these general system codes one must unlock them-self by opening their minds to see and to understand the bigger picture. Although we may know that everything is possible, the evolutionary possibilities we encounter will be limited to the level of understanding and awareness that we allow ourselves to step into.

Some may say how do I know these things, I am open to seeing and have no fear of what I will discover and so with that I see beyond this game. It’s now been many years and what I still find exciting is to see and to hear scientists proving the things that I have said that may have seemed outrageous when I shared them. I have no doubt that creation has no final conclusion however there are patterns and constructs within the scenarios being experienced and these become the loop that we get caught in.

I am currently filled a desire to present these workshops and I will do so until that feeling goes away. So join us for a spectacular experience. You will not be the same or see life the same!