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The Art of Managing your Reality - Webinar

The Art of Managing your Reality - THIS VIDEO IS SOLD AS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD
Our lives are a succession of stories experienced through our Avatar/body 
This was a Webinar with Sonia Barrett- took place on July 23, 2016

Your body is your sensory system for processing reality
Perhaps you have been wondering why you keep repeating the same patterns, the same life!
Sonia Barrett will share major operating tools in managing your “human experience”
In the holodeck of our minds these stories form our version of reality

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No operating manual? We often mention that there is no operating manual for this human experience but the fact is that it’s all encoded in our field. It’s made available like a time release capsule according to the awakening of each human being. We may choose to continue to blame the overseers of the planet or forces outside of us or we can begin the process of decoding our-selves. Regardless of who or what has engineered this human matrix we must remember that our power supersedes the body; the Avatar. While the body may have been designed to process the emotions and responses to this human experience the true governing force is that which we are beyond our bodies. We are operating in a grand virtual environment that responds to the sensory system of the body.