How to open your mind on a quantum level! series Four part series - an exploration of the foundational science behind reality's design 8 hours +.. Product #: Download - 038 Regular price: $185.00 $185.00

How to open your mind on a quantum level! series

EXCERPT from the workshop as an attendee explains why she now understands why Sonia doesn't provide a series of specific steps for expansion. She explains her incredible expansion as she began to understand why!


I often receive emails from people asking for a specific series of steps to take to expand their consciousness and I understand why. However expanding into these less limiting realms and experiences requires deep levels of understanding and transformation otherwise we may very well convince ourselves of a level of growth that might not be the case. What she says is profound and so very necessary!


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Watch the video and replay the audio in your car or on mobile devices!


*Power Point presentation included!  

Sharing images to aid in opening up one’s mind in order to deeply understand!

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Beginners and Advanced! I too will be expanding from this series!

To open one’s mind on a quantum level is to open one’s mind to a multidimensional understanding of reality. It is quite common for many to become affixed to limited ways in which reality is viewed. While there are multiple paths to take in order to more deeply explore the potentials the mind must be opened more deeply. Why? Because the levels at which we will see and understand reality is contingent on the fluid nature of mind, imagination and perception. FOR FULL DETAILS ON THE WORKSHOP PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK!