Recharge and empowerment

Hacking the Mind Package - Advanced

Sonia's workshop/webinar- A craking your personal codes package

16 Hours - 5 separate workshops included -download


Becoming Unstuck in your Game

Sonia's workshop/webinar- Self help talks dont address the game itself

5 Hours - two parts -download


Changing limiting life patterns influenced by encoded ancestral/bloodline data

Three hour workshop -The history of survival in the game of reality by our mothers, fathers, distant and more recent ancestors are a rich part of the tapestry of our DNA.


Conscious Reality Management

Sonia's  10 step program- Managing your reality 



Embarking on the subtler fields by redirecting the brain and the mind (three parts)

Three month workshop!/ 3 part workshop series - 6 hours 

Following the recent two part workshop (Understanding how your brain blocks you from waking up in the human game! 


Entering the superconsciousness paradigm Los Angeles workshop

A Five-hour workshop in Los Angeles, January 2019


Hacking the Mind and Breaking Reality Codes

Sonia's workshop/webinar- Examining our individual coding

7 Hours - three parts -download



How to move from Idea to Action

Sonia's workshop- What dreams and ideas do you have on the backburner of your mind?

3 hours 15 min


How to open your mind on a quantum level! series

Four part series - an exploration of the foundational science behind reality's design

8 hours +


How to Transition in yur Job or Business, Changing the program in your corporate hologram

Sonia's workshop - A quantum physics approach to changing your job and business (frequency) "patterns" in the quantum field

6 Hours - three part workshop


How to write without effort

Sonia's workshop- We are all writers engaging in creating our life’s script



Limitless and Unplugged workshops

Sonia's lecture- Creating profound consciousness shifts

28 hours (between two sets of workshops)


Reading the Data Stream of your Reality

Sonia's lecture- All components in every aspect of reality are comprised of data.

2 hour DVD


Reality Wednesday Audio downloads special offer

Reality Wednesday Audio downloads - special Holiday offer! 25 + hours

$400.00  $200.00

Recoding the Female body system

Sonia's lecture- Creating a new paradigm for the body's collectively held programs