How to move from Idea to Action

Sonia's workshop- What dreams and ideas do you have on the backburner of your mind?

3 hours 15 min

$40.00  $20.00

How to open your mind on a quantum level! series

Four part series - an exploration of the foundational science behind reality's design

8 hours +

$185.00  $92.50

How to Reset your body and override the default program

Sonia's lworkshop- Is it possible to override these cyclic default programs?

2 hour 

$55.00  $41.25

How to Reset your body and override the default programs - series

Sonia's workshop/webinar- Aging and decaying is an adaptation; cyclic default programs

$125.00  $93.75

How to Transition in yur Job or Business, Changing the program in your corporate hologram

Sonia's workshop - A quantum physics approach to changing your job and business (frequency) "patterns" in the quantum field

6 Hours - three part workshop

$99.00  $49.50

How to write without effort

Sonia's workshop- We are all writers engaging in creating our life’s script


$50.00  $25.00

I Create Beyond Gravity beyond time

Sonia's Meditation audio- Enetering a space beyond gravity and time

30 minutes

$16.95  $8.48

Limitless and Unplugged workshops

Sonia's lecture- Creating profound consciousness shifts

28 hours (between two sets of workshops)

$375.00  $187.50

Meditation Webinar - Down the rabbit wormhole

Sonia's lecture- Understanding the technology of meditation

9 hour 

$70.00  $35.00

Phasing into Practical Evolution workshop

Surpassing the human default program/workshop/webinar

2 Parts (4 1/2 hours)

$65.00  $48.75

Reading the Data Stream of your Reality

Sonia's lecture- All components in every aspect of reality are comprised of data.

2 hour DVD

$35.00  $17.50

Recoding the Female body system

Sonia's lecture- Creating a new paradigm for the body's collectively held programs


$125.00  $62.50

Simple ways to step outside of your comfort zone - 7 Day program

7 Day Program - guided steps in letting go of an outdated life

E-book, videos and audio instant download

$120.00  $60.00

Stop Running from the Matrix

Sonia's lecture- Feeling trrapped in your reality

5 hours

$40.00  $20.00

Teleconferences 30 minutes each- 40

Sonia's workshop/webinar- A series of 30 minute teleconferences 

40 teleconferences - 30 minutes each

$99.00  $49.50