Daily Reboot audios - 5 minutes each Sonia's daily Reboot talks- 5 minute audios to reboot each day 40 audio files.. Product #: Downloads -031 Regular price: $50.00 $50.00

Daily Reboot audios - 5 minutes each

(A select few audios ) 
 listen to these audios over and over 
These are 5-7 minute audio files, that seem like mini lectures. Incredibly stimulating content to start each day. 

  THE LIST OF FILES - 40 downloads

  1. Letting go of the uphill climb
  2. Parallel realities
  3. It’s all just a series of experiences
  4. The power of spending time alone
  5. Facing uncertainty
  6. Programmed responses
  7. Character to character
  8. Your body is younger than you think
  9. What are you powering up right now in your reality
  10. Being in charge
  11. The cycle of the planets and you
  12. The stored history in your body
  13. The search for endless bliss
  14. Take nothing personally
  15. Let it ride
  16. Don’t focus so much on the future
  17. Step aside today
  18. The Caterpillar and you
  19. There is nothing to worry about
  20. What do you feel is missing in your life
  21. Its just a story
  22. Shape shifting
  23. There is really nowhere to go
  24. The movie in your mind
  25. There is nothing imperfect about you
  26. Contentment
  27. The many versions of you
  28. Stepping beyond the collective
  29. Collective evolution and cycles
  30. The loop between emotion and judgment
  31. Redefining that which we desire
  32. What are your secret battles
  33. What would you change about your life right now
  34. What social programs are you most controlled by
  35. Stepping into the unknown
  36. Neurons that fire together wire together
  37. The ball is always in your court
  38. Do you still feel that you need a series of steps
  39. Being in the here and now
  40. There is nothing standing in your way