Advanced 5 pack workshop series Sonia's lecture- Creating profound consciousness shifts 72 hours (between 4 sets of workshops- six .. Product #: Course 05 Regular price: $800.00 $800.00

Advanced 5 pack workshop series

Price: $800.00  $320.00

This is a $2500 value! (cover image for Advanced workshop not available )

TOTAL 60 Hours! (Total 72 hours)

PLUS an additional 15 hours! Giving away The Art of Alchemy six-part series!  So 75 hours! 

1. Limitless

2. Unplugged

3. Advanced (no description - we simply soared into more profound levels of understanding- Amazing!)

$. GIVE AWAY - The Art of Alchemy series)

Brief explanations for workshops can be found in the store where they are sold separately.

The Advanced workshop is the final workshop in this series that span more than 3 years. However, because each workshop leads to the next the Advanced workshop cannot be sold separately.. It has to be part of at least the final three workshops

**However anyone who has purchased Limitless and Unplugged they may purchase the Advanced 15 hour workshop separately. Please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.