The Sonia Barrett Personal Development System

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Sonia Barrett Ph.D., C.P, and Personal Development Strategist!


The Sonia Barrett Personal Development System

  • 10 weeks of one on one guidance that cuts thru, to where you want to be
  • Perhaps your vision of personal and spiritual expansion needs to be bigger!
  • Perhaps it's time you gave yourself permission!
  • A grand opportunity for those, ready, willing and committed!

How committed are you to peel away the filters that stand between you and a more aware, awake and in tune life?

After many years of workshops/lectures, and consultations, I realized that there are times when having a bit of assistance for a period of time may be necessary. Sifting through our minds and recognizing our stories set the groundwork for stepping into greater realms. 

At times there is uncertainty about the beliefs we hold and what it is that we really want. We struggle to understand our purpose as much talk seems to emphasize the need to find one's purpose. There are projected ideas about what it is to be spiritual or what one should be doing in order to reach this perceived spiritual space

This can become a silently overwhelming task. Perhaps there is a yearning to experience more “breakthroughs”, but what exactly does that mean? What does this look like in your mind? What are you aiming to break through? Perhaps you have boxed yourself into a very small idea.  Perhaps your vision of personal and spiritual expansion needs to be bigger!

Corporate Executives! This VIP Possibilities Coaching experience will strengthen your insights and the way that you lead your organization

Entrepreneurs! This VIP Possibilities Coaching experience will serve to bring about a natural clarity and trust in your own internal guidance!

Life Travelers in General! This VIP Possibilities Coaching experience will serve to assist you in tunneling through areas of your life that may reflect deficiencies!  It’s about getting off of the feedback loop that keeps producing the same mental, spiritual or physical patterns in your story!

Lots going on in our stories! 

  • How does one begin to tune in and tune out?
  • How do you find your way to "self" beyond the general subconscious programs?
  • How do we reprogram the subconscious mind with data that promotes a more expansive journey?
  • Life is a habit run by a series of rituals and programs. There is work involved in applying the necessary changes in one’s life using the same formula used to program your life in the first place!
  • Lets consciously make that happen!
  • You are fully equipped to reprogram yourself and I am simply aiding in your remembrance through mental tools and insights.
  • The identity that you perceive yourself to be is running the show

This 10-week (or 3 months) Program is a stripping down of this character which you have identified yourself to be.  This stripping away process is necessary in order to produce new scenarios of reality. New scenarios are new realms of possibilities.

You are not traveling to these realms but rather shifting your perception which then places you in an aligned field. This means that your consciousness is now operating at a different frequency, not better simply different according to your desire.

During this 10 week session, we will redefine the language of your reality, the words that limit such as better or worse or good or bad. Each person’s reality is run by a language code. The aim is to graduate one’s mind, thinking, and consciousness to more expansive levels; give it more latitude. Life then takes on a more fluid meaning and understanding. We begin to live from that space.

How we get there is what this is all about! This is what you will understand and what you will work on diligently over the course of 10 weeks. Those 10 weeks won’t stop there as you will continue the process long after in an unlimited way. The key is to begin! So let’s begin!

How did I tap into and beyond myself in this way? How do I stay tapped in? How do I move through the challenging moments of this human experience? A one on one experience for an extended period of time is an effective way to see more clearly the path before you and to move toward untapped possibilities!

There are so many opportunities in this offer!  End the loop that you are caught in! I understand those loops and how to move through them. My learning and remembering never ends but in this moment I will share and assist others in moving forward! Be committed and hungry to go beyond limiting perceptions of reality!

This Possibilities VIP Program includes...

The Sonia Barrett Personal Development System

  • 10 weekly one hour sessions
  • A workbook (mailed to you)
  • An audio recording of each session
  • Also unplanned opportunities and insights! This is powerful! 

TO FIND OUT MORE:  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call to make these arrangements!