A VIRTUAL RESET GATHERING! December 29th @ 5:00 pm PT

cosmic christmas

Consciously reset your mind as you enter the 2021 portal! 
 All are welcome! 
2020 has been a particularly unique year and now we are on our way to the new cycle of 2021!

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Let's face it, as human beings, we have a knack for immersing ourselves in the residue of many of our uncomfortable past experiences. While we may not release them all let's acknowledge the magic of "acceptance". We are masters at disguising denial. Denial of what lays hidden, things we often work hard to bury or avoid without even realizing it. This is not necessarily about going digging but it is about acceptance which is also often perpetrated so that we may pretend that all is well and that we are in bliss. Our ability to do such things is all part of our survival program and like it or not in the end it's all about telling yourself the truth so that you can accept your experiences in a profound way, lighten your load, and move forward! 
Let's shake things loose in a way that may leave you with a new level of freedom all in one evening, anything is possible! 
Come join me for a lively chat, share with others, and perhaps there might be a bit of music, lets see what unfolds!