JANUARY 2020-The Natural Science of the path inwards:Understanding the game of being human, workshop webinar series


Time: 6:30 am PT (see your timezone below) 

A Six-part workshop webinar series! 

(Every other Saturday for six webinars -dates TBA) 

The Natural Science of the path inward, the core of Sonia's teachings

60-90 minutes each webinar session

Questions, answers and sharing as we go! 

Homework will be given as a way to stir changes and to recode an acceptance of freedom and mastership! 

A REPLAY will be available of each webinar session

(not to worry should you miss a live webinar session)


Pacific Time 6:30 am 

Central Time 8:30 am

Eastern Time 9:30 am

INTERNATIONAL TIMEZONES (based on current registrants) 

Canada, Nova Scotia - 10:30 am

London - 2:30 pm

The Netherlands - 3:30 pm

Germany - 3:30 pm

Romania - 4:30 pm


"This series sounds like the missing piece for me like I skipped grade one or something and that grade had some basic foundational core things that are needed".

Randy T. Canada


We speak of life’s journey in many different ways but a common sentiment we share is of the challenges on this journey.  As human beings, we seek to understand our place in this material realm. The struggle to desperately understand and to find footing is made overpoweringly complicated by religious and spiritual doctrines, distorted history and ideas, misinterpreted and incomplete information from ancient times to modern-day humanity.  As a result, human life is lived under restrictions and limitations away from the expansiveness of human potentials.


For the first time, I have created a workshop series that will explore the game of being human from our beginnings in this material realm to this programmed and expected end of life. Knowing that I wanted to find a way to present a more rounded series of insights and steps I had no idea what those topics would be or how it would be outlined. I suddenly felt drawn to sit at my computer and suddenly this outline of topics was coming from my fingers on the keyboard. I thought NOW I KNOW! Wow! This workshop is intended to unlock a deeper understanding and to aid in establishing the ability to step into a true understanding of the natural process of evolution. 


  1. Understanding the game of being human, your “beginnings”, and is there really an end?
    1. How to sort through fear, denial and distracting doctrines
    2. The role of angels, guides and alien life in the human game
    3. The death commitment
    4. Identifying your "God" program and the role it plays in your story
  2. How to end your search for purpose- by understanding that you are ‘purpose” itself
  3. Recovering your ability to be spiritually self-reliant and to trust your evolution
    1. There are many ways in which we avoid our natural abilities
    2. How to recognize when you are simply running away from the process of expanding
  4. The art of Expansion- To understand the act of expanding is to embrace being human
  5. Redefining the act of Ascension, a practical, scientific and natural evolution
  6. Revision, clarification, and summary of the entire series
    1. Practical steps to a new version of “you”


The level of information that I have shared and taught over the years continues to evolve into new possibilities for human life (one that goes beyond external tools but rather an internal unlocking of a profound inner technology) and for some, there is difficulty in understanding this information. Often old default programs seem to interrupt our ability to relate to new concepts that are outside the lines of those old running programs' old reality protocols as perceived by the collective. We then easily fall into fear and instead seek other concepts that feel safe, secure and perhaps more understandable. In the meanwhile, we are missing out on the possibility of going beyond the common and accepted outcomes. (no right or wrong to ones approach, simply new opportunities before us)

This workshop series is for anyone regardless of your level of awareness and that’s simply because information is coded and meets the ear, the mind and the brain like a time-release capsule. In other words, you will access deeper levels of the information that will stimulate you at whatever your level of understanding is. There is a constant unlocking that takes place and this material is intended to unlock according to the frequency of these various levels of awareness/consciousness.


  •  A sense of freedom to examine without fear your beliefs about your destiny or fate
  • Answers to questions about reality that will emerge from your own deep knowing
  • A feeling of freedom to release silent guilt that may be attached to religious upbringing or collective protocols
  • A deeper understanding of your own emotional journey 
  • Becoming an ally with your body; your sensory system
  • Permission to simply live without a focus on expiring
  • An undeniable understanding of the technology of reality  
  • A release of any need to align with commonly accepted views spiritually or otherwise
  • Falling in love with the human game 
  • The freedom to release old stories of victimization
  • No longer needing an apology from so-termed "victimizers"
  • Gaining a greater level of understanding about your stories, your choices, your deficiencies, and the overall journey
  • A readiness to move forward into unlimited potentials  without the clutch of familiar patterns and behavior


There is a great science at work and life is evolving even under the default programs of evolution (meaning the gradual evolution of earth life that is evidenced as dictated by history). What is being offered here is the opportunity to go beyond the default system of the manner in which life evolves but instead to step into your own power of inner activation!

As I have often heard people say “I have taken many workshops and listened to many lectures but pretty much no one seems to take it to this level of possibilities” Let’s be clear there are others out there I am certain, who are sharing this kind of information, however it’s generally not being shared by those who are more common voices or are familiar faces in the “spiritual community”.

Perhaps this is your time to experience endless levels of your potential not based on safe perspectives but rather your trust in your inner self and truth! Let’s explore The Natural Science of the path inward to “yourself" beyond time and space!



Chart a new direction! Money, relationships, your job/career, your retirement, your family issues...the best way to understand this is to open the box of the mind! All of our experiences, all of our stories and the characters we play are all based on this deep understanding of The Natural Science of the path inwards! 

INVESTMENT $150 - after 12/25/19

** Early bird $125 -Exp 11/27/19 to 12/25/19


VALUE- This workshop is a $350 value ( I wanted to make it an attainable experience and participation for everyone. ( we determine what is most valuable to us. My wish is that the value of this series will speak to you)

NOTE: After webinar session #3 everyone will have an opportunity for yet another level of expansion, that information will be shared then


This has been an incredible process as I have patiently allowed the outline of this series to show itself to me including the very cost to be offered. This workshop series will serve as a core level of information in participating in all that is to come. 

The information being shared at the retreats and private workshops and gatherings are climbing levels that cannot be described, you truly have to be there. This will be a go-to series for many and will become a prerequisite for participation in some workshops and retreats. We have the opportunity to arrive at levels exceeding these instilled protocols of science/physics. This is a natural progression stalled (a necessary interruption however in order to experience a default construct) by outdated data that has interrupted this natural progression. Science is a matrix of systems to be infiltrated and redirected as part of human evolution.  

QUESTIONS- Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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