The science of time and physical expiration, Understanding and altering your own coding, Going inside out




Begins May 4th! 


I really had no idea about hosting another webinar anytime soon, however, in the past few days, I have had the pull to produce this workshop. I truly feel that there is going to be some dormant information that will emerge. This workshop is particularly for those with an interest in hacking their own "time" program. I am excited to see what unfolds. 

This will be a 4 part series. The first two workshops will be two weeks apart. The final two sessions will be once per month. The first workshop session will begin on May 4th

This WORKSHOP/WEBINAR series is only for those who are serious about diving into this subject matter and to actually aim to discover and to change these old codes. An understanding must first be detailed and become more than just a belief but a knowing. I cannot emphasize enough the significance of this piece in unraveling the human game or human project as I heard it referred to. 

PREREQUISITE: Must have either attended a retreat in the past two years or taken one or more of the following workshops or newer:

The Ultimate Game Changer 
The Technology of Human Existence, Going beyond the concept of consciousness
The Reprogramming Experiment Series
Entering the superconsciousness paradigm; an upgrade in the human experience

If you would like to join us but have not completed any of the above workshops you may purchase those workshops on the website

The information that we are about to discuss requires familiarity with the information previously shared as well as to simply be an open state of being to allow this deeper understanding to come forth from within yourself. 

The payment will be $300 for this four-part session and $250 for early registration. However, 

Please let me know of any questions. Hope to have you join us! Sonia