Entering the superconsciousness paradigm; an upgrade in the human experience



How to step into these shifts in your personal reality



We are an ever-changing species like all things change is inevitable. With change comes growth or expansion. Super-consciousness defines a natural upgrade that is expected to occur in the human experience.

These upgrades occur in various stages according to the level of awareness of the collective or of the individual. This natural occurrence is essential to the expansion of the overall human game. There are different moments in the history of human life where there are shifts in the overall consciousness. This gateway or field is generally more noticeable through the obvious growth in technology. We are in a time where the technology of spirit, mind, and body and the way that it all streams through the human body is now open for small to vast, slow to fast upgrade opportunities.


  • We will explore that practical day to day life cleverly tied to all things survival
  • We will examine the manner in which we get sidetracked returning again and again to the spider's web of conditioned living
  • We will then explore the natural occurrence of these upgrades and aim to assist in opening your minds to this internal change
  • This is an opportunity to shift out of outdated programs
  • This is an opportunity to grant yourself permission to see beyond the general constructs (simulation) defined as reality
  • It is an opportunity to be reminded of your own power and abilities that have been buried under your survival programs
  • It is an opportunity to move beyond nice, comfortable and safe words that confine the mind to a more limited version of reality
  • It is an opportunity to see the boundaries around your life
  • It is an opportunity to more readily step through the smoke and mirrors
  • It is an opportunity to better understand the interface between your brain and the reality that you keep recycling
  • It is an opportunity to be reminded that these bodies are in a constant state of regeneration and to understand why it expires despite this ongoing renewal process

There is much that will be shared and along with practical tools for day to day life

Do join us for this first event of this 2019 cycle! What a way to launch this new cycle and impact your personal birthday cycles!

Who is this workshop experience for? Those with an open mind, those who are ready to go upgrade their lives and their awareness! Those ready to consciously experience realms of unlimited potentials and those who are already in this kind of expansive experiencing!

* LOCATION -Los Feliz, CA approximately 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles (address to be given later)

LUNCH - included! 

COST: $95 early bird $75 Exp January 11th 

* Space is available to a select number of participants, so don’t procrastinate!

** Bring a yoga mat if possible



Ram gongWe will begin the Super-consciousness celebration workshop with a gong meditation with Ram Kirin.

Ram Kirin teaches Kundalini Yoga, "The yoga of awareness." He has studied under many spiritual masters and it is now his gift to share with the world. Ram Kirin uses the sacred sound of the gong to help rebalance the physical, mental, and emotional state of all who seek its harmony and alignment. Ram Kirin resides in Los Angeles where he teaches extensively. Classes range from meditative to highly energetic and he has taught at Golden Bridge,Yoga West and many other studios in the LA area. He also taught all over the USA inc Colorado, Joshua Tree, the Bay area, Sat Nam Festival and Burning Man Festival, and shared the sacred sound of the gong at the Bhakti Festival. For many years Ram Kirin has lived by and believes in an early morning Sadhana practice (daily discipline). “I have a daily feeling of immense gratitude for the guidance that has led me on this path, and as a teacher, I feel it is important to help guide the students on their own empowering journey of self.”