Power of sound in the desert -February 2023 Retreat- Joshua Tree CA

Exploring the magic of sound in the desert!

Joshua Tree!

February 1-5, 2023

Accommodations and all meals included on a beautiful 40 acres private property

Only a select number of spaces available so please register NOW!



We are returning to Joshua Tree, CA

Gong Sound Bath at Giant Rock!

With Ram Kirin (the master of sound)

Sound Bath at the Integratron!

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 GIANT ROCK – What’s so special about Giant Rock?

“THIS SEVEN-STORY GIANT BOULDER HAS attracted UFO conferences, Hopi spiritualists, and the engineers of a “rejuvenation machine.”

"Geologically speaking, Giant Rock—located in California’s Mojave Desert—is roughly seven stories high and covers almost 6,000 square feet. Some say it is the largest freestanding boulder in the world.

While the rock has been a Native American spiritual site for thousands of years, the modern backstory of the boulder begins in the 1930s, when a German immigrant and miner named Frank Critzer met a pilot named George Van Tassel.”

When we previously visited it was clear that the energy there is quite different, a bit like its own planet. I have been there a number of times. I am quite curious about the effects of sound waves from the Gong echoing throughout this vast space and what we might possibly experience! We are an adventurous bunch!  

 THE INTEGRATRON – what is it?

“Construction began in 1954 from the design of aeronautical engineer and ufologist, George Van Tassel, the building was constructed without the use of any nails, consisting only of plywood and fiberglass held together by wood dowels and a 1.5-ton cement ring serving as the keystone. Using these materials, and influenced by the theories of Nikola Tesla and sacred geometry, Van Tassel believed that the Integratron was more than a building and would serve as a combination of a time machine, rejuvenation machine, and an anti-gravity device.

"They say the exact location is a powerful geomagnetic anomaly that includes a convergence of as many as three underground rivers and other geologic ley lines. This is a place where physical aberrances can happen without explanation; like Sedona, Arizona or the Bermuda triangle."

A number of us experienced the Integratron at one of our retreats a few years ago. Another fascinating sound chamber is said to be built over three rivers. We all experienced the positive effects of drinking the water on the property as well as the rippling sound from these crystal bowls.

I will post more details a bit later but for now I have provided some insight into this upcoming retreat which kicks off our 10 year celebration of these yearly retreats!


My retreats are not typical and so everyone stays in a beautiful great big house/property! There are a number of people who have been coming every year for what will now be the 10th year, so automatically a number of spaces are already gone!

If you wish to attend especially if you have never attended a retreat I advise you to send a deposit to hold your space!

If you do not yet have your deposit it is important that you do let me know that you plan to attend and when you will send your deposit. I want EVERYONE to have a fair shot at attending! 

This is highly unusual for us to have excursions at the February gathering but we are for 2023!  


Our recent August retreat was over the moon, incredible. What we experienced in the forest of Mt. Shasta was life changing! What we experienced with the fire ceremony was an indication that there is more to come with the power of sound in the desert. It’s all such an organic experience. We are simply removing these outdated veils in order to see and to experience what’s always been there! We are stepping into grander levels of ourselves. We are exploring parallel worlds. We are simply engaging with the science of our existence!


It is very important that you are familiar with the kinds of information I share. Not because I want you to “follow me” but because most everyone that attend engage in non typical information about the nature of reality, transcending the death program, simulation, multiple versions of one’s existence, teleportation, timeless living (the science of possibilities in exploring all of these things) and so much more! If you have never participated in any of the workshops then please contact me! APPLY TO ATTEND

 These gatherings are about returning to freedom and flow while allowing the deeper self to emerge as well as the shadow side. How we react and respond to the many aspects of ourselves is where the magic is! 

(OLD TIMERS lol) Although I pretty much know those of you who will be attending, I ask you to please confirm once again. This is so important because I can better ensure the space. I have secured a 10 acre ranch. 

ACCOMODATIONS - 10 acre property

COST – Because we have now added the Integration sound bath the cost is now $1300

If you wish to attend and to pay a deposit of at least $300,  you may do so at this time via Zelle at 818-301-9303 or PayPal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Do NOT send it any other way unless you consult me first! (deposits all assist as I do secure the space ahead of receiving payments)  Thanks to those who have already sent a deposit! 

I have not yet added this information to the website or publically. I am giving you the first option to attend. 

I look forward to answering any of your questions! Hope to see you there!