EMERGENCE Retreat 2022 - January 21-24th

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The rising of Consciousness from chaos!

Sonia Barrett

Crossing the Bridge of Change!

January 21-24, 2022

4 days 3 nights! Space is limited!

Idyllwild, CA

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We are Bending reality by bending the self!

“Being” the everyday master

Join us for this intimate retreat with others of like minds!

We are Emerging from the cocoon!

4 days 3 nights!

Accommodations included  

All meals included!

(organic, high quality food)

Does not include airfare

 We are Emerging from this cocoon of global transformation! There are so many layers and meaning to this shift. Just as there are two sides to a coin so it is with the shifts taking place. This global change has been driven by power and control on the political and economic stage. The spiritual (the word spiritual must also be redefined in order to remove much of the bias we impose which further create tremendous personal limitations) aspect of this change appears subtle yet having great impact and influence on this inevitable upgrade according to planetary and cosmic cycles.

Although the current conditions of the planet may not meet with our perception of such upgrades, it is time to release restrictive perspectives of the way creation moves. This is indeed a paradox for we are the core influencers of the various forms by which reality exists before us. 

"Music is the silence between the notes" By Claude Debussy

For us the visible world is the notes played (that which is audible), and as a result of the silence in-between, form and sound becomes the evidence of this silence! Let us open up that treasure box within us; within the mind, so that we may explore the spaces in between! We are in such a time, especially for those feeling this intuitive pull!  

This EMERGENCE RETREAT 2022 is specially planned in support of our emergence from this time of re-formation! This retreat is separate from the yearly August retreat, which has prerequisites for attendance. Sonia has organized these yearly retreats for the past 9 years. 


As we rise from the rubbles of global change it is now ideal for us to come together. While upheaval and uncertainty may seem to light the way, we are each in the midst of our personal relaunch.  

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As we emerge from an unfamiliar global experience, there is much that will be new or different including our own new ideas. This can feel chaotic and so we must steady our footing  so that we aren't pulled out to sea unanchored. Seeing the opportunities in this moment of massive changes might also be difficult for some. Much of what the world is becoming hasn't yet appeared, and so while things are taking shape this is the opportune time to come back to center as we make plans and organize ideas and of brining our dreams to fruition. 


"I have hosted many gatherings and many retreats but what is realized by attendees is the pliable manner in which these gathering unfold. Sure there will be some structure in this upcoming gathering but not in a way that feeds our need for control which is a safety net and a way to avoid walking in the unknown.

Fear of the unknown and of the unplanned can be extremely uncomfortable for some. Reality despite appearances, is a very fluid experience and often we are only able to see or interpret a version of reality that seem to reflect a more static experience. Profound Expansion requires inner trust and a surrender to that trust and not to notions that simply provide a false sense of security as many get lost in their comfortable space of "spiritual" protocols." Sonia

Let go and simply be! So join us with that level of awareness, from food to conversations! Just let go! Be prepared to see change when you return from this retreat. Why? Because the platform of data/information that previously supported your reality may shift drastically! But it is always ok! 


"Life changing extreme expansion experiences is what we can always count on with Sonia's retreats. There is something very special about spending several days with her sharing space and experiencing her way of progressing through the game.". Many times my mind has been blown from experiencing what I term as instant upgrades just from her showing us a new path of progression.

Sonia' s non-traditional way of teaching and interacting equates more so to sharing but allows for greater expansion for those willing to flow. I can't say enough how grateful my husband and I are for the wonderful expansion assistance we've gained from attending and not because she gives us a set of instructions but rather helps us find our own individual path to answers and understanding. If you are a person seeking new ways to open doorways within the self then come hang out with Sonia!" Angel Thomas, FL

 "Brilliant! Taking part in one of Sonia's retreats was like being in a salon of like-minded spiritualists, mystical scientists, and cutting-edge quantum thinkers from all walks of life. She has a real skill for facilitating intelligent conversation, teaching, and free-flowing interaction so that every participant leaves having acquired something valuable. This was not your typical seminar/workshop!" Yvonne Chireau - PA (2017 retreat)

Some of what's to come!


Qigong is an ancient practice of optimizing inner balance of this life force energy as we draw on natural forces around us. To engage in this practice for short or long periods of time can have profound effect on spirit, mind and body. Perhaps these moments may bring about a realization of what is needed for your own unique personal health and balance. (Sonia is a certified Medical Qigong Instructor)

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An hour of meditation – Sonia practices Vipassana meditation and will not be teaching Vipassana meditation but will introduce core scientific principles that will allow more centeredness.


Ram Kirin picture

with Ram Kirin

A Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher



 Bending reality by bending the self!

Bending reality by bending the self! (Bending is a pliable action)

  • Sonia will share practical applications powered by one’s receptivity to the field of potentiality; your will, drive and intent.
  • It is always our beliefs that stand between us and the other side of possibility.

Over the years I have shared very mind bending perspectives about the nature of reality. These workshops shift away from common spiritual perspectives that simply keep most in a state of comfortable sleep or a lull that is unnoticed, ignored or interpreted by the individual as expansiveness (although there is no right or wrong way).

However, there are moments when we experience a pull or urge to penetrate the ceiling of previously held beliefs.

  • Reality is an interactive mind game that operates based on a feedback loop of a person’s own beliefs about life.
  • This daily gathering will explore our personal version of reality and perhaps the limitations of our core foundation.
  • This is about stepping up our game as "the everyday masters"

We came here to explore the potentials of being human and the journey of unlocking memory while understanding the technology of this human form.

  • This human form is our interface system streaming the life force/source. This is guided by nature and its technology of cycles that maintain the patterns of life before us!
  • This is about a much grander level of cosmic technology, and making ourselves available for individual evolution that's off the charts.

It is a necessity that we transcend fear which is a catalyst tailored to each person. Fear is the technology that emits the ideal frequency for emotional disruption, doubt, uncertainty and perceptions of lack. It delivers the opportunities needed for each to cross this bridge of change and expansion.

  • We must decode a deeper truth as we are now being compelled to 


Incredible views from this paradise! 

Where we will eat, seep, and hangout together! Everything happens here in this beautiful space!

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(Organic clean foods/meals/ fruits, snacks - lets eat!)


For those called to join us, you will! 

**Deposit $250 - secure your space in this adventure now ! 




Super Early bird special $1,100 Exp. 6/19/21


Note: If space is filled and you would like to attend, off site accommodations will be suggested

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Relaxed while sharing in profound insights and science 

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