The health benefits of Hiking!

Sonia and Robyn yoga flava just sonia croppedI am an avid hiker! I love hiking! It has been part of my lifestyle for over 25 years. I first started out running at 5:30 am every morning, I found this to be very healing for my mind along with the added bonus of staying physically fit. I began going to the mountains more regularly and there is where it all began. I fell in love with the trails! Taking breaks from the daily matrix is so essential otherwise we just become stuck in our stories and those stories become stuck in our bodies! 

  • The sunlight!
  • The greenery!
  • The smell of the earth! 
  • The water/streams (if they are there)! 
  • The small creatures and sometimes the big ones lol

I find that Hiking presents an opportunity for me to be more present. I become aware of where I plant my feet, I am present with every step. Being present out in nature allows us to be more tuned in, we are more in touch with the more expansive part of our self that alerts us to every next move we should make. Nature is a great platform where those same skills can be applied to our everyday lives. Here is a link to some of the health benefits according to Harvard Medical School 

We must become more present in our lives so that we are not run by automatic reactions throughout the day. Below is a short video I did a while back on the trail. As I indicate in the video I normally never take my phone or mobile devices but for this video I did!

Hiking or going out in nature is about leaving it all behind to reset and re-balance in order to reengage with the human game, so leave your technology behind, lose the danger, danger program. Ok so let me say that if you are going on a long hike or very remote areas having your phone might make you more comfortable and so that's what you should do. For me, however, I realize that people were out in nature long before cell phones and they relied on instinct and were tuned in to their environment/surroundings. I have also been hiking for a very long time before cell phones and so I am comfortable not only am I comfortable but I tune in to my surroundings. I also follow my instincts and will also project people on the trail as needed particularly when its a bit more remote and I haven't seen anyone for a while. I project to see others and they show up! :)  We are nature! 


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