Your Bloodline & Collective Storylines

Sonia Barrett

June 3, 2010

What is your world made of, your personal world. In the resent workshop Stop Running from the Matrix, I presented ideas pertaining to our individual storylines which was quite triggering. For although many had examined the realization of an existence of stories there seem to be a completely new level of realization around the multi tiered storylines upon which the life of the individual is experienced. There is of course the collective storyline as well; the planetary storyline/s. One such collective storyline currently is “Health”. We can currently feel and observe the triggers, the codes stirring all potential latent illnesses within the human gene pool based on bloodlines and ancestral health programs.

Within the United States the trigger has been the Health Care bill. This has been the code activator for illnesses to arise in multiple extremes as people are not only triggered but reminded that they are supposed to get sick. They are reminded of their fragility as a species programmed with a fear of death/annihilation/the possibility of none existence in the game; this becomes the true meaning of the “human race”, a literal race. The breast cancer ads remind you to “race for a cure”. We are continuously reminded that we have a race to be won against the enemy of “time”. The marketing of the “race” has everyone in a spin as much “time/energy” is spent working at escaping or dodging a potential illness. Other triggers have been the race to “fix” the environment and of course more recently there is the oil spill. All around us are triggers to remind us of “health dangers”.

What happens next? Well for those who are not “health conscious” as we say then they will subscribe to the marketing of potential illnesses whereby they will see their doctor who will either provide a prescription or recommend a specialist or whatever is essential to assist the individual with bloodline storyline/collective storyline etc. After all you are encoded with memory of the unavoidable patterns of health catastrophes which have occurred throughout what we define as human history.  We are lost in a repetition of historic cycles. As for the “health conscious” individual (and I know firsthand) we become pretty much neurotic about our diet. We simply move from one matrix to the next based on the storyline of that matrix. There is the “Raw food matrix” where one feels more protected from potential illnesses caused by cooked food, then there is the vegetarian matrix…with or without dairy products, then there is the fruitarian matrix who says that’s all I need to keep me healthy and of course the vegan matrix…no animal products in the diet. In observing my own experience on the wheel I realized just how much time I spent in the store reading the labels for fear of consuming something that I just knew would have an adverse effect on me according to the “heath storyline” I was operating by. What was even more amazing is that the more I eliminated things from my diet was the more I had to eliminate even more things from my diet as I was now fully into my bloodline health story. As I worked at escaping potential health issues like allergies and digestive issues the more I triggered these issues…pretty soon there is not much to eat. At this point you are in hook line and sinker; you are on the “food matrix” trip…jumping from one food matrix to the other…omg! But it does not stop there because the external environment is feeding and supporting this rollercoaster by reminding you of the chemtrails, the poisonous additives to the food, you are reminded of the enzymes and vitamins deficient from the human diet, the damage that can be caused by the sun, the fumes in the air, plastic or paper the dangers of plastic bottles and drinking water. Of course the next fad coming along is one “becoming a breatharian”, of course this is generally supported by a disdain for food or it is viewed as a possible straight shoot to enlightenment. (If this happens for you as part of an effortless process great however this does not elevate one above those who are still engaged in the enjoyment of food) We are on a pleasure journey although it does not feel like it. Everything works according the experience sought!

In my book The Holographic Canvas I do speak of the effects of food on the body but what I did not directly mention is the storylines attached to the individual. Well one might say what about a baby; well a baby is still a being occupying an earth vehicle. As a being this baby’s vehicle/body has the codes/programs and storylines of his/her bloodline. These health codes/programs/stories are activated according to what is required for the journey so is it really about the food or does the food simply serve the storyline being activated. The food/health movement presents and supports a series of storylines as food is so nurturing and healing to our emotional state. So what role does our emotional state play in the food game isn’t our emotional state attached to some sort of storyline regardless of what we do. Everything about our life is fueled by a layer of conditions stemming from our bloodline as well as the collective story; from here we create scripts for our individual stories. We nurture and coddle everything about our experiences including our health. It’s an opportunity to build a segment in one’s life around health conditions or concerns. Just think about how involved you become in any condition that you are told you have or that you believe you are dealing with. This is not a good or a bad thing as it is simply part of a segment of the experiences one has added to ones adventure in what we define as “your life”. The “matrix of food storylines” however provides one with enough supporting content in traveling through the food/health matrix. We become part of the movement; a movement that becomes just another religion to which one chooses a food matrix within which one can play his/her role with all the content that will be provided by similar players.

In the event that one feels the need to defend ones diet there is no need to you are doing exactly what is needed for your story just as I have ( I have however gotten off that wheel). You are nurturing your script as any great performer should. You must make the role believable to yourself otherwise you will not gain the treasure from the outcome. The coding is already in your genes/bloodline waiting for the right opportunity to be triggered into a full blown story! Yes now we have something to work with! Childhood trauma, relationship trauma, failure, rejection or ones embrace of the patterns of health issues associated with ones bloodline are all silent triggers. One must now work at escaping or “run for a cure”. In teaching lymphology in the past I have always told the class that they eat for two objectives, pleasure and fuel. So exactly what is the body converting into energy from earth produced foods; that would be trapped sunlight from the food. We are eating sunlight. However one may eat meat and receive the essentials for his/her body based on the health storyline (everything is alive whether it be flesh or plants, everything is in agreement of this experience, we eat bugs day in and day out each time we open our mouths or breath). In the end it is the evolution of one’s consciousness that is determining the condition of the body. Consciousness represents levels of self awareness; it represents both the expansiveness of one’s awareness as well as the limitations of one’s awareness. In the even bigger picture all of the conditions of our environment being imposed on our “health” can be overridden in the body as the energy from the storylines are drained and put to rest. This is not about positive thinking this is about a deep realization of our individual game that we have been caught in and ending it. There is a hidden fear for many should these story no longer be there…then what next…what will you do. Those stories and conditions have been our motivation for living so to speak. “Those stories filled up my life, what will I focus on if I no longer have to be imprisoned by the environment and the food matrix. What will become of me when there are no stories to swap?”

If ones profession involves supporting the health storyline do not be despondent as we are all helping each other support our storyline in one form or another. What I would say is to become aware of the story that  you may tell yourself that people need fixing but instead go ahead and embrace the role you play as just that a role. This is what your hologram called for.  As I have often said no body needs me however I am receptive to a particular game experience when it’s presented. Once we begin to let go of the exasperating assessment of potential demise to the body or our overall existence we will regain tremendous power and a sense of wholeness instead of feeling like a captive of our story. There is so much more beyond the realm of focus which we have committed to the physical experience. Sight becomes less and less impeded by the distraction of the struggle to preserve oneself in the physical existence. The less that one struggles to maintain the body based on physical remedies and instead elevate the body into the field of timelessness the body will no longer be forced to function in fragmentation, defending itself against this thing or that thing as there is no this thing or that thing simply an illusion of segments; a beautiful illusion that continues to allow us the most amazingly believable experience in what seems to be an eternity but is only a moment. We must now give our bodies permission to operate without these fractured experiences in realizing that the body takes its cue from our belief systems and hidden storylines.So can we change course? Sure we can, will it be challenging? More than likely, yes. Remember that as you choose to change course that which you have worked at escaping might seem to emerge but the key is to remind yourself that you cannot be fooled by your eyes. The thoughts will come in association with the old storylines and genetic/bloodline programs but you do not have to sign up for it and over time you will find that your over assessment which generally triggers these storylines no longer emerge. Instead you simply act according to an immediate connection with the inner more expansive self. Then there is nothing to fear and you are now ready for a more expansive experience in the field of possibilities.