A Slave to the Illusion; While struggling to be free from our own creations


Sonia Barrett

June 10, 2014

According to a number of dictionaries, slavery is defined as

“Slavery; bondage, servitude refer to involuntary subjection to another or others. Slavery emphasizes the idea of complete ownership and control by a master: to be sold into slavery. Bondage indicates a state of subjugation or captivity often involving burdensome and degrading labor: in bondage to a cruel master. Servitude is compulsory service, often such as is required by a legal penalty: penal servitude. 4. moil, labor.”

Letting-GoTypically we don’t correlate our experiences with reality as one of slave and master. Most all humans are in servitude to their reality. Reality becomes this clutching and controlling force selectively allowing what we will and will not control or so the illusion seems. Regardless of our class, cultural or monetary status we are all in this illusionary state of servitude. We are chemically bonded to the illusion.

The illusion is experienced in layers. Servitude is supported by a series of applications we call rules and laws. The purpose of rules and laws is to maintain the structure or shape of the overall reality; the main playing field. What we view as morality, principles, various forms of etiquette/manners, ambition, class, civilized, values etc., are all structured social rules put in place to regulate and keep our animal nature under control. How these rules play out is based on the cultural code of each environment. These rules are immediately adapted according to where we are born. Because of this automatic adaptation very few will see through the smoke and mirrors of reality from its most basic platform of operation. This is not to say that this was not an essential edifice based on the level of consciousness from which human beings were operating and continue to operate.

We launch territorial wars and wars among ourselves based on these artificial rules and protocols which our belief systems are heavily tied into. The irony is that wars allow the release of our animal nature. To a great degree those who incite wars create this pressure release valve for the overall collective. Most of these political leaders are innately primed for the ruling of society as their own animal instincts while appearing subtle, play a significant part in their ability to rule. If indeed the human race had ET masters or rulers at a more influential period in our history then I would dare to say that many of these rules were imposed on human slaves as a way of maintaining control. When the sensory makeup of the human machine/body is understood, this kind of knowledge provides a greater edge in knowing what buttons to push. This is not at all farfetched in observing our current governmental, religious, educational, medical and scientific research systems in place.

When decisions are made to kill millions of people or to send young men off to war, or covering up disappearing planes and imploding buildings, annihilating anyone in proximity and writing it off as collateral damage; it becomes clear that our aggressive animal survival nature is at work. Areas of our sensory network is shut off or adjusted in order to carry out actions that would otherwise have been off limits. Those actions would normally have been processed through of our general application of programs which are in place to control such actions. Such actions by those who rule are no different than the actions of those would deem terrorists. The brain is a remarkable playable technology and adjusts to accommodate the level of consciousness from which we are operating both collectively as a species and as individuals. Not only should we observe the systems in place but we should also observe the gullible nature of people in response to the mandates of these systems, not excluding ourselves. Many of these systems have their ancestral roots in a very ancient form of slavery and if we were to trace the history even further back (thousands of years back) we might find today’s controllers having genetic linage to those who came and passed themselves off as masters or gods. The slave eventually becomes the master.

This is simply one aspect of the illusion however a very significant element of the illusion. Without strong realisms in place there would be transparency in exposing the illusion; exposing the simulation. So we spend our lives most often struggling to meet the demands of the master; reality. What is further disabling is the impact of our repeated submission which continues to crystalize the things we most fear which further crystalizes the struggle. This formula becomes a continuous loop. The systems in place maintain a very specific blueprint of the illusion to be projected as collective reality which is an extremely enslaving concept. But this can only be so based on the collective belief in this interpretation and projection of reality. These systems simply assist us in holding on to our limiting beliefs. So the actions of the systems are merely a reflection of the consciousness of the general populous. Here we find another loop as the consciousness of the populous is networked into a specific set of applications or programs.

Through our experiences with “reality” (the master) we have been conditioned to be fearful of the consequences. Most all our actions are then in avoidance of a select set of consequences most often trading one for the other. We simply avoid one set of consequences which then propels us into a series of other consequences. This is a concept that runs true in the collective governing systems as well as in us as individuals. How do we get out of this loop? This is the burden we bear. As humans we remain in a perpetual state of problem solving, an endless attempt to avoid a consequence. With this kind of relentless cat and mouse game the illusion is all that we can see. We are cocooned in the illusion and always in hope of being rescued. We want to be freed from this simulation.

The truth is that the illusion is really the slave and it is you that is the master. The challenge here is the manner in which we are wired into reality. Each segment of the base reality is an independently strong illusion:

  1. MONEY
  2. FOOD
  6. LOVE
  9. WORTH

We can view all of the above as apps or applications. Just as we download apps on our mobile devises so it is in the simulation of reality. These are core applications and most seem to be automatically installed in our main operating system; the brain. The loop then becomes even more significant as we continue to loop the same thought process and solution patterns in meeting the needs of these applications. Previous experiences remind us of the end results in not meeting the needs of these applications. We fear the consequences whatever they may be. Each one of our reality has its own uniquely built in consequence barometer; it measures the consequences that we are able to handle and those which we cannot. So we make choices based on the barometer’s reading.

So going back to the idea of slave and master when we step back and examine our own lives we will see just how this has played out in our past and as well as in our current experience. This is not a concept that should be met with denial or disregard but as an observation of one’s life. When we examine reality from this extreme comparison it may very well shock us into a life changing awareness. The struggles that you may be experiencing right now are indeed very real to you and very overpowering and overwhelming. Everything about this illusion is hypnotic, captivating and is bonded to our senses like a steel trap, and the more that we observe these conditions is the more real or crystalized they become. But how do you not observe it? How do you not take it in as real when your pain and struggles cut through to the core of your being? The illusion replays a relentless slideshow of images in your head, and replays conversations, consequences and fears. How do you stop this madness?

What you desperately yearn for is to leave the stage; you want the show to stop! So in this moment tune into to a feeling that may seem to be substratum to the more pronounced feelings that are stressing you, what you will find is a feeling of surrender. You will find a feeling that says to you “let go”. What you will also find is the battle that goes on between that feeling of letting go and the feeling that keeps reminding you that you can’t let go for fear of the consequences. This is where the magic happens. This the deciding factor in what stories will play in your reality from the subtle to the most extreme experiences. This kind of letting go is unattached to anything; it’s not attached to internal negotiations. Why is this important? Because our addiction to problem solving gets in the way and so we run the risk of fooling ourselves that we have let go by cushioning the idea of letting go with failsafe promises made to our self. When we do so we essentially crystalize solutions based on our data bank of old resolutions and methods. We simply pull from the databank of the automated self.

An unadulterated letting go stops the illusion, this is science! Remember that you are the real master of the illusion so without your emotional interaction and running your resolution programs the illusion is not being run. What we mostly run are memory programs from which we imagine outcomes by plugging various scenarios into the machine. We become a slave to the illusion machine. That kind of letting go seems “scary” as we envision conjured up consequences. We anticipate the outcome based on previous programs; the loop. One of the most effective programs is the “money” program. Money is more of a scientific phenomenon that the brain engages in. It is not really a material construct however it is represented in a material manner which acts as symbols. What we have and do not have is one of the greatest illusions, an illusion that establishes the puppet and the puppeteer. This most often determines just how high we will jump for a concept that seem to be controlled by others, yet it is you who controls your relationship with the concept of money in your reality. Our money flow is always reflective of our story. What does our story call for? These experiences are real to us and must be played out in a way that is believable to us. We must invest our energy in the realness of the experience.

Remember that “real” is “realm” of focus. What we place our focus on becomes “real” for us. We are the fuel; we fuel up everything around us. So through focus energy is expelled. We are the source of energy for our reality no differently than being the energy resource for your employer. Your employer’s reality of his/her business imagined into existence is also powered by the energy resources of the employees. You are compensated for the energy you expelled. It’s an exchange. This is not a good or bad thing it is simply an agreement that can be broken or revised at any time. This can’t be stressed enough in saying that we are power plants. We are the resource that powers the illusion regardless of the clever wizards behind the curtain. You are the wizard behind the wizard.

 “With the model of the holographic brain, the holographic universe, and Quantum Physics, we could speculate that all that we hold as real is nothing more than the playful dance of light, light that has no dimension and limitless dimension.” David Bohm

Exploring the science of our design as well as opening up to the rich resources within can offer tremendous impact in freeing one from the illusion of enslavement. Question everything for reality is being experienced based on constructed rules and conditions as a way of stabilizing the simulation. We had to believe these rules and protocols in allowing reality to be what it has been. You are the power source willingly applying energy to many facets of the illusion. What do you hold your allegiance to in your reality? We play the role of both slave and master and to realize this is powerful as we then have the opportunity to pull back our energy from crystalizing a burdensome reality. Nobody is out to get you. Step back and work your magic. Unraveling from this feeling of enslavement will require the same level of believability applied to the illusion. Release the energy that you have invested into holding the burdensome aspects of your reality in place. Just let go, nothing will fall as there was nothing there to begin with; however there will be a reformation according to your surrender. Your perception of this reformation will be the deciding factor. Falling or losing it all is only a projected illusion one which we have done a damn good job of crystalizing!