The role of “trends” in human adaptation and evolution

The science of shaping collective consciousness

Sonia Barrett

May 15, 2015

Revised October 2017

borg children

The world is experienced as a sequence of trends and themes with very little notice given to the trending nature of global and local occurrences and behaviors. This method of operating subtly regulates behavior, beliefs and reality paradigms. On a collective level trends and themes dictate the manner in which a society will function having tremendous influence. This kind of influence is diverse in range from behavioral and psychological (fear, violence, emotional illnesses/depression etc.) trends and themes to fashion to disease to catchy phrases and sexual behavior and trends. What we experience is the easy integration of these trends also seen with social media, the latest technology or even illness. Cancer is indeed a trend as well as a theme, and so is the current rise of police shootings, bullying, emotional frailty, specific kinds of violence, or even the concept of the 99% vs. 1%, poverty, money scarcity, survival (variety) and much of the world as experienced. Overtime we find that we conform to trends even those we were once opposed to. We may find that eventually our opposition gradually fades; “resistance is futile”. The borg mind is real.

We hold dear fantastic constructs and closely guard prefabricated impressions of how to live and how to function in this construct defined as reality.   Most often we unconsciously strive to work within this invisible framework although we may aim to be rebels. It’s a very cunning process as we succumb to the emotional spirals of this experience. We become victim and victimizer, the stalker and the stalked, the good person and the bad person, the selfish and the selfless, the oppressor and the oppressed, the leader and the follower, the healthy and the diseased, the spiritual and the unspiritual on and on, always on the run from the clutches of reality; on the run from the game. Particularly fascinating is the rising trend brought about by social media the now termed influencers and followers. Although these archetypes more than likely have always existed, prior societies automatically assumed either role perhaps with less pressure to choose one. You were more than likely born in a line of influencers or followers.  The psychology of bending our minds and molding them according to our vulnerabilities is heightened by the current technological explosion. Where will the current “Me too” trend lead? And how long will it last? Is that information collected and where does it all go. It what way will it be used. Collected information from trends and themes can perhaps have more impact than realized perhaps in even enacting laws or for rewriting collective beliefs.

We cling to religion and spiritual beliefs for emotional security and assurance that things will get better; and that there is a “better” beyond this life. As we examine this progression perhaps we should ponder the question; are we really being chased or are we running from ourselves, the projector of all that we fear.

This is a masterful paradox. It seems evident that trends and themes run the show. The following quote sheds more light on why trends seem to spread and crystalize so easily; “The Global Consciousness Project, created originally in the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab at Princeton University”.

“Coherent consciousness creates order in the world; subtle interactions link us with each other and the Earth”

" When human consciousness becomes coherent, the behavior of random systems may change. Random number generators (RNGs) based on quantum tunneling produce completely unpredictable sequences of zeroes and ones. But when a great event synchronizes the feelings of millions of people, our network of RNGs becomes subtly structured. We calculate one in a trillion odds that the effect is due to chance. The evidence suggests an emerging noosphere or the unifying field of consciousness described by sages in all cultures.”

The significance here is the role of the noosphere. To explore this understanding holds great importance as we aim to hack our own minds and break through the invisible ceiling of our reality…at least for those interested in core levels of freedom. The concept of the noosphere is; “a word derived from the Greek νοῦς (nous "mind") and σφαῖρα (sphaira "sphere"), in lexical analogy to "atmosphere" and "biosphere"; introduced by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in 1922[4] in his Cosmogenesis, he said that “the noosphere is the sphere of thought encircling the earth that has emerged through evolution as a consequence of this growth in complexity / consciousness.”

The principles surrounding the “noosphere” is evidently more than a theory as it has drawn the attention of The Global Research Project conducted by Princeton University and no doubt plays a major role in their “consciousness research”. They are aware of the connectedness of human consciousness across the board. It is clear that the commonality in brain wave spikes confirms interconnectedness on levels that no doubt supersede the noosphere.   This serves as an effective vehicle in the dissemination of trends and themes and in the alteration of human behavior and adaptation to natural or orchestrated changes right down to the cellular level/ DNA codes.   Social media is an incredible vehicle for transmitting thoughts and beliefs generated by this expansive networking system and uploaded to the noosphere for circulation.

It is evident that themes and trends can very much so dictate the direction of human evolution and the adaptations we make as a species. (One such adaptation is menopause in women; a mysterious process that science is still aiming to understand why it happens yet we have come to accept it as natural and normal. Ages ago “something” occurred in the name of survival which started a trend which ultimately became a body could then death a trend?). The significance of this information is to bring to the forefront the awareness that these trends and themes are spreading and integrating into our “behavioral” programs or systems on both an individual and collective level. What does this really mean? It is clear that we are greatly influenced by each other. The interdependent nature of human relationships as a species, and within smaller settings such as the collective beliefs of a country a city, town and social and family foundations ensures psychological commonality in areas of thoughts and beliefs which stabilize themes or trends. More than ever individualism is being driven home as nonproductive to the collective. The “One mind”, “group mind” principle through groups and certain social settings are strongly encouraged by spiritual and religious leaders as well as corporations, schools and governments and in some aspects scientists. Social media such as Facebook (the great ant farm) serves to fulfill the shredding of privacy along with exposure of self and self-image. It is a double edge sword. It has become the great stage on which we perform and receive applause and validation as well as humiliation and the rise and fall of ones worth.

This is the age of the dissolution of privacy. Everyone will be naked together and over time it won’t matter because it will be the new norm. What we must also understand is that what we view as “normal” will run its course as each new normal appears to be a trend or theme. “Normal” is continuously being redefined for us by us. To simply state that “this is being done to us” always serves as a place holder absolving us of the need to take responsibility for what we are becoming or what we have become both as individuals and as the human species. This is not about the polarization of good or bad it is about your personal choices in the reality paradigm you choose. What does reality look like for you? What does evolution look like for you? The fact that we exist in an ocean of potentials indicates multiple possibilities for the reality you may choose to experience. There is much contradiction by a number of the scientific community as well as the “conscious/new age” community in stepping outside of limiting ‘collective evolution” concepts (in other words the manner in which the species will evolve...there is a dismissal of the individual's ability to evolve without the group or the collective). The following was taken from a previous article titled The Occult Power in Individualism vs. The Group Mind by Sonia Barrett

 "Much of the “oneness” movement has encouraged and supported limiting interpretations and limiting programs. It is crucial to understand that for thousands of years we have been programmed to operate in a group capacity in support of the weakened state that we as humans now exist in. When “super-natural beings” became human, over time the powers once held gradually became weakened or lessened and eventually became a forgotten memory. Operating as a group then became essential both physically and mentally. Group function has less to do with our overall “oneness” in creation. We are filled with reasons and validations for certain actions and beliefs held. This does not mean that groups should be abandoned but instead they are strengthened by individuals standing in their own power and not solely dependent on the power of the group. The group mind formula often reduces individual strength and creativity as the individual conforms to the beliefs and guidelines of the group. We see this in our societies, in education, religious, and spiritual groups and support groups etc."

Health is currently at the top of the “trending theme” list; cancer and viruses, hence the necessity of "running for a cure" and mandatory vaccines. While cancer is peddled as being on the rise the impact of this information on collective consciousness is not talked about (perhaps we are not told about the research done). The western world seems to be more severely impacted by these media belief altering transmissions. While the greatest culprits in creating health challenges is said to be GMO foods, the environment and pharmaceuticals, while these forces undoubtedly influence the rise of certain illnesses, we must also examine the wiring of the human mind, the thought field and the transmissions circulated by collective consciousness and the resulting behavior and beliefs introduced to the collective.

The rise in celebrity breast cancer rate as reported by the media is impactful as this consciousness circulates the sphere of thought particular to certain regions (in this case predominantly the western world). Vulnerability is based on one’s predisposition to certain diseases which is further supported by the preexisting belief themes which the individual is already networked into (personal, family, country, town, social structure). While the Global Consciousness Project may dispute this to be the case by their own admission there is indeed a collective response to traumatic occurrences on a collective level. They cannot deny that there is a consciousness network to which we are all connected. For these experts to selectively filter what information will be publicly shared or to acknowledge certain kinds of information influencing the collective through the noosphere (or beyond) doesn’t make certain occurrences not so.

The purpose of this article is to make apparent the machine at work and the manner in which we continuously respond. Most often we are caught in the emotions of what is taking place instead of noticing the trail that lead to the pending or unfolding conditions. We have options beyond these themes and trends which have been governing our minds and shaping our reality. Life is marketed to us and so are the many themes and trends. They are reinforced through all forms of media. We often hear of viruses which is a trending theme at this time… all trending themes spread very much like a virus. It is inevitable that some will catch it and spread it through fear, through ignorance and through unsupported beliefs.

What we are identifying is the manner in which we are presented with a series of incidents, concepts and ideas which suddenly become trending; presented mainly by media. We then spread it among ourselves; coworkers, groups, friends and family and public venues; a network within the network. We have no sure way of knowing if these are truly a string of similar incidents occurring consecutively within a certain stretch of time or perhaps someone is selectively presenting a series of incidents so that they will appear as serial incidents. Either way once collective focus embraces a theme it becomes crystalized…all that was needed was the suggestion. The mind responds followed by the body’s response. Cancer is heavily marketed along with other diseases and behaviors and we find ways to qualify and validate their emergence. Most of these validations are suggested to us in such a way that they become our truth. This is all unfolding according to our own inner perils, beliefs, fears, traumas to which these adopted truths will attach themselves and we will defend them.

Who or what we are beyond these characters and these roles being played is significantly larger; we cannot be contained in this limiting yet necessary experience. Look around you at your own personal circumstances…is it a familiar collective theme? In what way does your current environment support these themes? Do you seem to nurture and validate these themes? Is there fear at the thought of releasing them? What next after you release them…is this your worry? Step back and review the running themes on the world stage; from war, to rape, child abuse, illness, security threats, health care, economic upheaval, mental illness, shootings, gender reassignments, technological gadgets, the search for peace and happiness and so much more. Sure many of these conditions are ongoing but they each take turns in becoming a prominent focus in our minds. After a while they die down only to move on to the next theme. See the dynamic game at work, not in fear or in disdain but in an awareness of the manner in which you crystalize the reality you will participate in. Remember that life is a game of possibilities; in an ocean of potentials and it is up to the individual to determine what reality will look like for him or her. Close your eyes and allow it to all disappear, allow the random thoughts to dissipate, feel your expansive essence and then step into it and begin to rewrite the script for your character! Your character only follows orders! Your orders!

The Global Consciousness Project

The Occult Power in Individualism vs. The Group Mind