Humans are programmed to equate Freedom with Danger, Perhaps it is why we are in continuous struggle to be free

Sonia Barrett

September 17, 2015

maze dreedomAs we journey through the human experience, we are continuously in pursuit of freedom; an endpoint that often seems distant. Experiencing the wholeness of freedom seems to be a scarce encounter. While freedom may be experienced in various phases of our life we most often experience confinement in other areas. This promotes a constant yearning, a search, and a target point. We long to experience the freedom of flight or of the movement of the wind as it whisks by unencumbered by anyone or anything. It can’t be trapped or tamed but moves as it will when it chooses. We hunger for the unconcern of challenges, choices and consequences. We simply want to BE! But how can we simply “BE” when we seem to be wired for problem solving. This is our dilemma. For to simply BE would mean that there could be consequences…at least this is our belief. To let go would mean that our ideals and our constructs and blueprints for living life would crumble…people would be hurt…and you would “look bad”. You would be blamed for bad decisions, bad choices, irresponsibility and selfishness.

More importantly there would be tremendous self-blame for having failed yourself and those around you. It is because of this that wholestic freedom becomes this distant unattainable place we aim for as we forget the true meaning of freedom. Freedom requires fluidity; it requires the process of letting go. It is the process of surrender to that inner thirst that begs us to step away from the conditions that seem to take us apart emotionally and physically. Like the flow of water which navigates around obstacles perhaps so it is with surrendering. For when we let go much like water confined to a space; when the restrictions are removed it flows in and around all in its path. Our bodies are 70% water and that water moves fluidly in and around the 30% that isn’t water and it all works in harmony which is evident as we are still in use of these bodies.

We have come to identify ourselves as these bodies and so the body’s mind programming is about restriction and survival. Much of the body’s memory is associated with survival and so freedom is interpreted as “danger”. Our robot mind sees freedom as a threat to our survival. We have come to understand that freedom requires caution as danger is always lurking around the corner. A common statement is that “freedom comes with a price”. It is evident that we now live from this place of thought and belief. We have restricted ourselves to select levels of freedom. It is why we remain in survival mode. We are encoded with the history of the environmental dangers faced by our predecessors. We are coded with the memory of fears they faced on encountering those who came from a different time and space. Those they came to acknowledge as “gods”. Our governments and leaders remind us of the dangers of freedom unless they protect us. Everyone is caught under this spell despite expansive levels of awareness we have all been infected…some more than others.

It is important to understand the subtlety of these infectious beliefs. We continuously struggle with the illusion of pending danger ahead. We are networked into this “danger” program by virtue of the game of “consequences”. We fear the consequences of shifting away from external barometers and protocols. Because of this we are trapped by the fear of the consequences for such things as the simple act of being honest about our feelings or of meeting the economic protocols/ the inability to pay our bills or of not having a prescribed “good education” or having a “good job” to meet the prescribed protocols. . There is always a problem to be solved and in our minds problems left unsolved may result in dangerous consequences. The degree to which we each react can have a diverse range of internal responses. One may feel anxious at all times. Some will aim to neutralize their emotions with such things as drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, nervous habits, attempting to control everything and others, compulsive behaviors, habitual worrying or other methods. It is why we are driven to seek out or to create new problems to be solved. It is why we can’t surrender to the unknown.

The entire nervous system is under continuous attack. To understand a bit more of how this process impacts the mechanism of the body and runs interference with the communication coming from the more expansive self, read the following:

”Sensory nerve cells pass the perception of a threat, or stress, from the environment to the hypothalamus in the brain. Neurosecretory cells in the hypothalamus transmit a signal to the pituitary gland inciting cells there to release a chemical messenger into the bloodstream. Simultaneously, the hypothalamus transmits a nerve signal down the spinal cord. Both the chemical messenger and nerve impulse will travel to the same destination, the adrenal gland.

Sitting atop the kidneys, the adrenal glands receive nerve and chemical signals initiated by cells in the hypothalamus. Nerve signals activate the release of epinephrine into the bloodstream.

When chemical messengers arrive via the bloodstream, they dock on to receptors and begin a cell signaling cascade that results in the production of cortisol. Cortisol is released into the blood stream where it begins signaling cascades in several cell types, resulting in an increase in blood pressure, increase in blood sugar levels, and suppression of the immune system.”

How Cells Communicate During Fight or Flight

To realize the protocols in place for regulating the survival code of behavior may possibly motivate us to reevaluate our “worry” list. We can more clearly see why we seem to fall apart as we progress in age. The body has survived endless traumas and danger triggers. It has survived being relentlessly chased by problem solving and fear. The chemical factory of the body is thrown out of balance and so restoration of the vessel becomes more challenging. We begin to have an increase in the “death hormone” cortisol.

 "Large amounts of cortisol are toxic when they circulate in our system for prolonged periods of time. Our brain cells, or neurons, are extremely sensitive to the effects of cortisol. When cortisol is circulating at a high level, it causes the brain cells to die. That is why brain shrinkage is associated with senility in old age.

Excessive amounts of cortisol can destroy the immune system, shrink the brain and other vital organs, decrease muscle mass, and cause thinning of the skin which results in prominent blood vessels. In the anti-aging field, cortisol is known as the death hormone because it is associated with old age and disease."


The freedom we seek is largely inhibited by this persistent bombardment of the danger program. Letting go is seen as giving up and in one sense you are “giving up”. You are moving upward into your more expansive self, you are going up vibrationally; transcending the lower frequencies of limited and limiting solutions. Solutions that are accessed by the human-self based on past experiences and limited only to previous solutions and consequences. In such a space we are unable to see the ocean of probabilities and possibilities ahead. While the survival program serves a purpose in guiding the unaware human it is also limited to the experiences of the sleeping human.

So as we dream of being free let us recognize that our belief system sees freedom as a threat; as a danger. Our world and its leaders affirm this mindset. Let us understand that this is the reason why we seem to run into brick walls and cycles of freedom followed by cycles of restriction in our personal lives. We continue to boomerang back to where we started because “freedom spells danger”. Examine the patterns carefully for within the fabric of those patterns are the choices which form the codes that will continuously lead you back to a space of restriction. It’s not anyone or anything outside of you; it is simply the illusion that supports already existing programs. There are programs within that are personal and unique to you. It is these programs that attach to the collective “danger” protocols and to the general base programs (in everyone). One may find that they have been selecting relationships with people and circumstances which continue to ensure their restrictions from a wholestic level of freedom. Our relationship with the reality simulation is run by programs which continue to mirror back to us our habitual lives. Your challenges are not real…real means “realm of focus”, where is your focus. Your focus point establishes the crystallization of your blueprint of reality.

Letting go is about shifting your focus, we are then not polarized, allowing the de-crystallization process to occur. It presents an opportunity to form new patterns in the subatomic field. Freedom is truly just a thought away…it is however a matter of transcending these limiting programs and beliefs. It is all very possible; we do it all the time. Our dilemmas are opportunities leading us into the magic of the unknown. So stand up, shake yourself off, open your arms wide, tilt your head back, close your eyes and take a deep breath and say yes to the surrender. Give-up (vibrationally) because the answers and solutions are there, they always have been. Your life is truly just a holographic projection…what are you projecting. Who is “you”? Who is doing the projecting? Perhaps your robot mind is running the “show”. Remember that the robot will always need to solve a problem…that’s its job.