Contemplating the road rules of the journey

Sonia Barrett

March 2, 2016

In this game of reality rules have become as essential to us as breathing. We may say that its not so but it is. Most will agree that without the rules there would be absolute chaos or so we are told. This belief is further affirmed my daily events paraded before our eyes and our minds.

On this journey or should I say "in this made up experience" there are countless rules to follow. Like any game there are rules, but someone created those rules. Without the rules the game wouldn't be as much fun in being able to do whatever we wanted to do without worrying about the consequences.

A few of those core rules are:

Our codes of conduct

Our tool of measurement for right and wrong

The boundaries of our potential

Our place or standing in society

The extent of our spiritual potential

The length, term or cycle of our lives

The acceptable behavior


From day one we are taught restrictions. It is a way of life

Some things we aren't supposed to know

A man has to know his limitations (Clint)

Live within your means

Don't go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you are used to (lyrics from a song by TLC)

This is an endless series of ideas that become rules by which our minds and behavior are governed. The fear of breaking those rules including the unspoken ones become the warden of our lives. So much so that should we find that we have broken any of these rules, even though no one might know, we are most often silently haunted by this. They become guarded secrets. We are further plagued by the rule to do the right thing otherwise there are consequences including spiritual ones. (Is this all simply a way to maintain control, knowing that we as humans will struggle with it. This makes for a great experiment as we fear our fabricated version of god handed to us)

This pre-designed, prefab reality is mind blowing should we place all that we know or truly believe under a microscope. The influence of these preset rules and conditions have served to navigate us from profoundly being authentic without the fear of crossing the line. (yet this has been a necessity in being a full on player in the human game)

To pray for peace is to increase the absence of it, or the illusion thereof.

To search for love is to affirm the possibility of being in absence of it

To fight for success is to affirm the inability to be free to just be and to do

To struggle to be heard is to affirm the idea that you can’t be heard

To be lonely is to affirm the idea that no one is there (yet in truth you are everything and everyone)

To be plagued with struggle cements the idea that "ease" is a distant possibility

To live in shame is to affirm that one could not be worthy of anything less

This is all predicated on the rules governing our lives. Because of this we succumb to lifetimes of trapped energy/emotions then passed down as genetic history in our genes our DNA. They become our bloodline and ancestral stories/history. Its all streams of data/information much of it needing to be deleted.

If you are struggling with your health or life in general don't cling so tightly to the current model of who you think you are. Free your mind to show you what you have been holding on to then choose to release it from beyond time and space. If outside assistance is needed you will know but don't abuse yourself because you aren't seeing the results that others have. You and your situation are unique to you.

Begin to shape a different life, make plans for that different life. It’s not necessary to immediately know how it’s all going to take place. You are creating new data, new information for your blueprint/mew neural pathways. No blame necessary, it’s all just been an experience.

It’s all about you; everything else is the backdrop which bends to fit your story. So what stories have you told yourself? Most stories are built on these rules. Change might really be more closely in your reach than you realize!