Launching your superhuman self, Many are crystalizing reality based on external projections; Trending economic and political upheaval

Sonia Barrett

June 27, 2016


Being part of the human hallucination and illusion is a rather addicting and challenging experience.

Define hallucination: a sensory experience of something that does not exist outside the mind,.

2. the sensation caused by a hallucinatory condition or the object or scene visualized.

3. a false notion, belief, or impression; illusion; delusion.

Define illusion: something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.

Although the above definitions aren’t referencing the experience of reality but rather implying an altered or defective state, they still very much describe this crystalized experience we call life. Our experiencing of reality is crystalized by our sensor system (body); a flood of electro chemical responses (a feedback loop streaming through the sensor system, evoking emotional responses). Our emotional response then creates the stories we live and stabilizes the particles. We believe that our stories “matter” and so they do; they form “matter”.


What is fascinating is the root perception of reality that we are hooked into. We share a version of reality with a root group of minds (or so it appears) networked into a particular version of reality. This is essential in maintaining the simulation (the reality that we are engaged in). Hardly anyone thinks in terms of multiple versions of root reality. The interface between the simulation/hologram is engineered in a way that presents a sense of a singular experience while humans are interacting with their root version of reality. We form an unwavering commitment to that version of reality.


It’s no longer a question of “is this real”. It’s all real….according to the definition in my book The Holographic Canvas, “real” means “realm of focus”. Wherever our focus is placed this is the story we will interact with. The wave, particle interchange responds to our perception and supports the reality to be experienced. We are having this experience through this internal chemical factory. It’s all being determined by how we choose to define reality, hallucinations and illusions.


It’s so necessary to be reminded that we are the source of power navigating the subatomic particles. These particles shape (form patterns) our reality placing challenges (challenges based on our running stories/beliefs) before us that appear to be static. We can’t dispute the hypnotic effect of this holographic experience that appears to hold us spell bound. We yearn for freedom yet our reason for feeling bound is due to our investment in beliefs which support our consciousness (our present level of awareness) and the illusion of reality. This is the nature of experiencing reality as we aim to untangle our minds from this feeling of vulnerability and finality. There is obviously a great science at work, one that we are endlessly deciphering such as the production of 5-MeO-DMT and specifically the production of DMT. How are we networked into the process of experiencing through these sensory bodies? The focus at this time is about reminding ourselves that reality is based on these endlessly streaming interchangeable stories which are a product of our belief system and our perception. Every moment of our individual existence is based on our commitment to a belief and round and round we go with this illusion.


We struggle with the paradox of life. Everything is real yet it isn’t. All of our problems and our dilemmas take over our emotions crystalizing both the story and the experience. It is necessary to take a moment to sit with this realization that “I am greater than my story” (The “I” is the expansive self) Anchoring this realization may allow us from time to time transcend these streaming stories and speculations that plague the mind. This is an incredible electro-chemical experience to which our bodies respond and so does the mind. However expanding the mind into greater levels of awareness/ possibilities/ consciousness will allow us to experience break through beyond time and space as currently observed, experienced and perceived. Your stories are just that stories crystalized as “real”.


Many are currently experiencing heightened levels of chaos in external reality. There is a flavor or trend in these stories being projected to the masses globally. The stress and survival level is increased through the fear of economic and political upheaval. Violence and safety are however on gong projections. This model keeps the masses in an external space. The flip side of the coin is that it can be a catalyst in encouraging others to begin seeking something deeper, turning inward. Some turn to some sort of religion or spiritual practice. Either way reminding one’s self that this is the human game and that it is a pliable experience is necessary in shifting one’s emotional response to these trends. Our emotional response determines the reality we begin to speculate into your life experience. Everything requires your focus, your attention in order for it to be alive; be “real”. This is as grand an opportunity as any to more intensely practice our skills in moving into our superhuman state. There is brain plasticity, the pliability of reality by creating new neural pathways, new interpretations and perceptions of reality. It is an individual journey, however as we shift we open ourselves to opportunities which allow us to connect with others of like mind. Others who are strong and solid in standing individually only make for a stronger group our community of transcending beings. This is not about waiting on a group or waiting for the world to change; this has always been about “know thyself”. As we shift in consciousness (greater awareness) we open ourselves to new versions of reality instead of fighting to change the current projected version. All potentials exist all at the same time; all versions of reality as we exist in an ocean of potentials. The version we interact with is based on our current perception of external realities influence and control over the reality we will experience.


The reality you experience and the stories we participate in is truly up to us. Wake yourself right here right now and see the stores you may be currently running and the perception supporting your current reality. You truly are superhuman…perhaps it’s time to more intensely begin to activate yourself!