Beyond the concept of Immortality

Sonia Barrett


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The word immortality conjures up impressions of striving to be immortal; working hard to live forever. The idea of striving to be immortal implies that the opposite is expected. I stopped using that word some time ago as I now live from an understanding of just “being”. “Being” is a timeless experience. Existence is then not judged, evaluated, determined or measured by the idea of time and space. Yet one is free to remain engaged in the human experience according to our ever expanding awareness and memory of who we are. I am “possibilities” itself! I am not separate from the fabric upon which I am dreaming this dream and experiencing this dance.

If this sounds too esoteric then it stands to reason that one is still unable to truly accept that life floats upon an ocean of possibilities and that all things are possible. Possibilities are most often accepted with boundaries. Boundaries are about protection and safety measures. So the question remains, what do you believe or what do you know? What is your truth? Teeter tottering is about uncertainty so rather than commit for fear of being “wrong” or making the “wrong” decision one may teeter totter; go back and forth.

Living timelessly does not mean that you stop acknowledging the cycles of your birth (your birthday) or celebrating it, it does not mean that one must become a breatharian, a vegan or raw foodist etc. It is actually about an embrace of the totality of the experience. Neither one of these selections will make you timeless although the body may be more harmonically sustained for “a time”. These are temporary methods held together by belief systems that are more reflective of the survival programs. Sure the body must be cared for as the consciousness evolves beyond the limiting programs. However the life giving substance is the understanding of “beingness” of “timelessness” of life as the eternal NOW, an endless NOW!

We age/decay because of what we do not understand we then comfort ourselves with the acceptance of death in the human game. Sure nothing dies but in the human game death has an entirely different meaning. Death has simply become a habit as we have forgotten how to consciously transform this bio molecular form/body that already knows how to travel faster than the speed of light and is constantly doing it! What boundaries have you placed around what’s possible. What is the latitude of your perception!

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