The 2017 Cycle; A dimension of self-reliance, self-empowerment and opportunity Same matrix, new portal

Sonia Barrett


journey even smallerThis new cycle is one of extraordinary opportunity. Current external activities may arouse fear and uncertainty but like the flip side of a coin there are evolutionary opportunities being presented. The portal is indeed open and we are standing in the field of new potentials. All new cycles represent an opportunity for change; however each new cycle evokes different themes. The 2017 theme is about self-reliance, self-empowerment and resilience.

The endless need to give ones power away to various people and systems has served to keep many disempowered. This level of disempowerment has become a natural way of life, making it a bit more challenging to be noticed. One must now recognize their investment in this experience and determine if they have had their fill. Because of the savior based, robotic and habitual nature of human beings most often drastic measures are needed to generate purpose and momentum as a way to induce change. This current theme is capsuled in fear and uncertainty for most. However what will be required to override this fear will be self-reliance, self-empowerment and resilience. This is an opportunity to chart a new course.

Charting a new course is about self-reliance. Despite the apparent surrender of our will, we have always been in charge of our journey. This brings to mind a popular song in church “I surrender all, all to thee my blessed savior I surrender all”. It is programmed into most humans to surrender to any perceived “higher power” be it human or of alien origin (not of this world), someone to “save” us. We nonetheless decide what truths we choose to hide from ourselves. We decide to what degree we will “live” the illusion of relying on external conditions to dictate our lives. To be part of this reality is complex, simple and confusing. It’s an endless paradox Why is that? Being a human being requires a commitment in order to be fully invested in the experience; an experience layered with emotional diversity. Choices and emotions change in an instant like the dream world as scenes morph one into another. When we awake from our dream state we remember the shifting scenes and people changing from one to the next in the midst of a scene. While we are dreaming however these occurrences are generally not realized as being out of order, so there is no concern for these automatic and fluid changes. So it is in our waking (dream) experience we don’t notice much of the changes that are happening while we are in the midst of our moment to moment lives because we are fully invested in the stories being played out. However should we choose to be more present and less automated we will then notice these occurrences. This kind of awakening stirs a shift in the choices we begin to select.

There are endless choice points in this endless ocean of possibilities, each choice point opens up a portal aligned with a particular series of experiences, we are then off and running; not being the wiser that we are the influencer of the series of experiences to follow. These experiences include all of our interactions with people, places and things soon to be experienced. Much like the influencers of social media attracting thousands of followers, they become a power-full point from which strong and expanding branches emerge; a chain of minds linked to a particular field of information/data. We are as individuals, the influencers of our reality and all that is linked to it. (See Simple ways to step outside of your comfort zone in 2017) Life branches off from you! It’s time to redefine self-reliance in your reality, as your current reality “relies” on the power you supply to it. It has always been that way.

To be in a space of self-empowerment is to be empowered or to be reminded that you are empowered. This is again an overshadowed awareness. Self-empowerment is an awakening to the realization of the degree to which power is being generated by you in every moment. It is this power that supports your reality; you are the generator of the charge being supplied to your personal world. Every cell in our body experiences the waning and the waxing of this power. Most often we struggle with defeat. These moments of defeat (as perceived) are the moments when we step away from the awareness of self-empowerment. We then expel a tremendous amount of power to hold that feeling and belief in place, even then we are powerful as we have the ability to convince ourselves that we are not. Because of the hypnosis and our addiction to the external world our sense of self-empowerment fluctuates according to the stimuli delivered to evoke various emotional responses. This is the nature of the political climate at this time. A global spell has been cast as a tremendous degree of power has been surrendered to a variety of notions supported by fear. The same momentum and energy being invested in these ideals can be converted to support an inner uprising into our expansive selves. It is indeed an opportunity to reengage with our “self” power that has always been there just as the moon is always full!

To be resilient is to step up into your power and to own it unapologetically! Resilience is about pliability. It is about creating new neural pathways. It is about stepping up to authentic ideas and being creative in charting a new course despite the projected expression of the external world. Our relationship with the external world is completely dependent on one’s perception and on one’s current personal structure and rules of your reality. You are the ultimate influencer although influenced by subconscious programs which stem from external influences. It all drives us to scratch our head. However the key to this hodgepodge is to awaken to you. Self-awareness is about stepping up to the awareness of this hodgepodge function of this reality experience; the dreamscape paradox.

See this as an opportunity to take charge of one’s reality and to explore that new business you have been pondering or perhaps walking away from your job or the ongoing condition of your health (what is the payoff for your chronic health condition) or relationships that no longer serve you, or perhaps reinterpreting your perception of your current work environment. Sometimes change simply relies on reinterpretation. Most often when we desire to abandon our jobs or relationships is when we no longer feel empowered. We are however being presented with an opportunity to examine these power drains; where, when and to whom have we surrendered our power. By avoiding this kind of assessment we run the risk of repeating these conditions multiple times. It is important to remember that one never loses or fails at life. All choices are valid in the moment. We do however have the opportunity to select different experiences. Letting go of personal or external blame is much like cleaning your computer’s hard drive; a disk cleanup removes unnecessary files. This in turn frees up more space allowing the computer process data at a higher rate of speed.

Lastly this is not about the outdated overhyped prosperity and abundance messages, enough already. This kind of mindset serves to reinforce a sense of lack. We then see prosperity as something out there that we have to journey to. Money is indeed a catalyst and presents us with many opportunities to experiences many forms of lack in our reality which we associate with cash flow. The fact is that money flows in our lives according to the experiences and beliefs that we are still attached to and appear to still be engaged in. (See Understanding Money and the Numeric Program) When we are able to recognize the stories before us reality more easily and quickly shifts but will always shift according to each new version of your story/s. Reality is about a mindset which places us in experiences along the illusion path of time. This we call the journey. The fact is that the journey represents our traverse from one belief to the next. There really is no “time” or “distance” being measured only the switching of beliefs which presents us with our perspectives. These dimensions we mystify and fantasize about are all points of potentials separated not by time and space as currently interpreted but by thought, patterns of beliefs; the ultimate time travel. We are endlessly time traveling; the paradox however is that we are always there.

This new cycle supports an opportunity to examine the payoffs in ones stories, in the life that you are experiencing. Examine ones degree of focus and investment and perhaps one may then choose to reengage with self-empowerment, self-reliance and rise up in resilience!

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