Stop being afraid of yourself

Stop being afraid of yourself

Meeting the demands of this reality matrix

Sonia Barrett

Matrix reality

February 13, 2017

In meeting the demands of this reality matrix there are common demands which become common distractions. These are conditions faced by many and for some these distractions become dilemmas. It is the manner in which we are driven to meet the demands of this reality game. Our belief system becomes heightened and attached to the idea that failure is not an option. We are continuously faced with a series of protocols which requires compliance. These are generally not viewed as protocols but rather as normal activity. These protocols are in accordance with the demands of the overseeing systems in place, for e.g. government, corporations, education, religious organizations and society etc.; these all ascertain survival programs in the game. We are continuously reminded that noncompliance may result in uncomfortable consequences.

Working and paying bills are at the top of the list. Doing neither moves the individual into a version of the game that is believed to threaten their survival. We are surrounded by evidence of these feared consequences. What is not understood is that to a great extent we are programmed to expect these calculated outcomes. In other words we are programmed to expect a specific outcome associated with specific actions. This is similar to our mathematical programming of 2+2 =4 with no other possible conclusion (in our minds). This kind of programming suggests that without a job one cannot pay bills which then subjects the individual to hand outs, starving and being on the street (this is the root fear). This is a calculated outcome which makes absolute sense to us based on the world reflected to us. Working jobs and paying bills are a topical experience written into the game. These are survival protocols. However there is nothing right or wrong (based on our definition of right or wrong) about either choice as we are indeed here to have the human experience in whatever that may be.

It is however more common place to have our needs met by working in jobs that we have no passion for. Having a livelihood based on passion for some may be deemed a luxury. Survival dictates that it is important that we do what we believe to be necessary in meeting those survival needs. These are programmed beliefs which we seldom give second thought to. They are “reality construct” programs based on a formula, a calculation yielding a specific outcome. This happens when certain streams of data (information/behavior) are paired (information married together; in other words the expected results when specific streams of data/information come together. We have been taught/wired to calculate outcomes based on specific rules in the game which have been fused into the human experience. These are reinforced by conditions in our environment which continue to reaffirm these standard outcomes. This seems to be the standard in much of the human experience and of these running programs in this particular model of reality. This creates much difficulty in returning to our natural ability to produce sustenance as needed from "thin air". Such an idea (a science) becomes a ridiculous concept for some. It becomes nonsense. However a version of this idea is approved and integrated back into our lives through religion or some other form of spiritual belief that then hands over this responsibility to an external power, God, saints, angels, ascended master, guides etc. This has also resulted in our need to seek security, our need to ensure that our actions comply with what is deemed as responsible in securing and insuring our lives. Again this is an observation of the nature of the game and of the kind of sustainability which has normalized much of the way that we think, function and respond to these protocols.

Order is essential in maintaining the flow of limitation in this reality matrix. It is necessary that people are kept in-formation (informed) of certain beliefs. We are then reminded of this in-formation in-order to maintain compliance with the protocols set forth by those appointed to keep score, keep order and to set consequences for those who fall out-of-line.

This is not to suggest that anyone should stop paying their bills or to stop working but rather to encourage each of us to continue to penetrate these beliefs. Being aware and in observance can begin to affect the general field. This is absolutely essential for those stepping away from new – age protocols that continue to create a different version of the same thing. It feels "good" but doesn't take us any further. People are then left with a sense of moving forward and making headway only to return to feeling deficient. That "feel good" feeling wears off shortly after the hype. This is however all part of the experience, so again there is nothing right or wrong about swinging either way. It’s all just an experience. Ultimately we are gathering data from our experiences of what it is to be human.

People become lost in ideas of ascension or in the next shiny trend not realizing that they are ascending in every moment of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-reliance. Instead many become lost in their focus of what dimension they are told that they/the collective are heading for (this can also be seen as limiting).In awakening to more expansive levels of who you are, this automatically opens the door of the mind to other reality potentials; other versions of reality or realms beyond that which our/your consciousness has been affixed to. There is nothing mysterious about this. These are natural occurrences but perhaps stated in this manner it doesn’t have quite the same excitement, mysticism and fantasy filled feeling most have become accustomed to. Instead many become lost in that “fantastic (fantasy)” feeling which then becomes a distraction rather than deeply transformative. Profound change requires that we redefine ourselves and our interpretation of reality. One must determine to what extent they are willing to commit to all that may be required in creating essential changes. It is not enough to dream of the ideal life. We must invest in truthful observation of our lives and our beliefs our knowing in order to approve the manifestation of the dream. Is your evolution contingent on the group? If you believe that it is then it is.

As a way to subdue individual power this idea continues to be reinforced that the capacity of individual power is not enough to move mountains. However it is quite the opposite instead it is precisely because of the magnitude of individual power why we have been reduced to group mind power/thinking. We are unaware of our capabilities; however this new paradigm has established an environment ripe for moving individuals out of their comfort zone. Perhaps it’s time to stop being afraid of yourself. You are the only one standing in your way. How we choose to meet the demands of this reality matrix is up to the individual according to the filters through which one may choose to view reality. You are literally and figuratively all potentials!


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