The Cosmic GPS and the current coordinates;  Stirring rapid human evolution! Crossing the bridge to 2021 and facing self!

Sonia Barrett

December 29, 2020

What does it mean to go more deeply inward? As the natural process of change and expansion occurs, cycles act as a cosmic GPS, pointing the way to change and upgrades based on a specific set of coordinates. During this period, in this cosmic simulation, unique activations in the human program are taking place. Human beings are uniquely a streaming program or transmission (streaming via these sensory systems/bodies designed for this purpose).  The personality self which we so strongly identify as self is a steaming program in this earth system/simulation. The simulation encompasses the full spectrum of our familiar version of reality. We each hold a base or common version of reality, one that we are loyal to (this includes our entire cosmic system as interpreted and accepted in the general reality blueprint). 

The human race is guided by this technology of cycles. As we develop a greater capacity to decode this virtual system, we will begin to step away from being shrouded in comfortable mysticism. Instead, an innate understanding emerges about the engineering of these body systems, minds, and the overall concept of life. This kind of awakening is happening at acceptable and digestible levels according to individual awareness. It is evident that we are not all coded for limitless expansion in this life.  We seem to fear being less than we believe ourselves to be as humans and as a result we measure our value and worth by standards of power, dominance, or concepts of being lesser or greater than each other. Religious beliefs supporting the inferiority of humans have in a bizarre twist served to soothe fears and insecurity as a species. We find comfort in knowing that “god” loves us, so we are told.  Through stories based on rewritten and rearranged history of human origin, such data have been shared throughout the ages while overlaying more factual information. These are concepts that provide comfort despite all of the holes in these stories. Particularly in the notion of a creator, or master to serve and worship, which leaves many comforted by the idea of a supreme being. "Someone made us" for many this notion is reassuring and is further reinforced by scriptures that seem to encourage a limiting series of questions if at all. 

We have become stuck in these notions, and thoughts of “who made us”, and when we say “us” exactly what does this mean? what does this convey? What do we identify as “ourselves”? Do you identify yourself as your body or does that include your mind? Exactly what aspect of “you” was engineered, that which you identify with as you? These are important questions for only when we are able to recognize a distinction of the many layers by which you exist, only then can we decode and penetrate our own mental prison, only then can we transcend experiences of abductions and ideas of helpless victimization, psychic attacks, and experiences of being vulnerable and helpless to forces outside of our spectrum of familiarity and comfort. A child is a being and enters this life with its only stories and mission to be played out. A human being is a part of a tiny fragment in time allowing us to experience the journey of illusion that portrays the loss of power and our journey/quest to redeem that power! This is the calling and the pull you feel right now! A pull to transcend your fear of transcending!

The nature of this simulation (involving humans) is designed for a unique story or experience of and by the human race and is ran by this cyclic network streaming and broadcasting other life forms through this superhighway. We are them and they are us. Everything we see and interact with is us in our many versions of potential expressions. So it has all encompassed gods and superior beings and enslavers. Throughout the ages, this has all propelled the human being to seek something called “freedom”, and it has strengthened our ability to survive and to adapt to all conditions and changes; levels of resilience that have become part of our genetic blueprint as each adverse experience both individually and collectively drive us further into evolutionary leaps.

We are travelers/ consciousness systems streaming through various expressions and experiences of realms, dimensions, and all that represents the time-space phenomena and all spaces in between. We explore and study the paradox of time; time and space being inextricably combined and because beyond the expression of time there is only this moment. This moment is an immeasurable phenomenon where every potential simply is all at once.

Reality in its many expressions is supreme technology from which we practice, we mimic, replicate, and reproduce, as is done in nature. We capitalize on a familiar formula that is the very fabric of life. We reproduce and we create from our own unique imagination as the formula of mind and imagination at the highest level courses through us all. We are the source that is source! We have the ability to pretend to forget, to pretend to be victims to pretend to be victimizers, to pretend to have little value, to pretend that you don’t matter, to pretend to live, to pretend to be brilliant, to pretend to be inferior, to pretend to be superior, to pretend to be blissed out, to pretend to be broken, to pretend to be whole, to pretend to be lost, to pretend to age, to pretend to die, and on and on!  We have been pulling this off magnificently! What a rush!

We are nature, we are the cycles, and we are the orchestrators of the mathematical phenomena of time! While we exist in multiple potentialities at once, there is a version of self (in this collective version of reality) that is heavily invested in this paradox of illusion and fragmentation of self. It is why we play the pretend game while struggling to interrupt our own personal reality stream and blueprint.


Viruses are nanoparticles and to gain a clearer understanding of all of this from the standpoint of technology will allow a much greater chance of disbanding the fear that is imposed on the body during its efforts to dismantle or neutralize such invaders (as it does every single day, ward off invaders). We will then strengthen the body’s immune system. (Our bodies are made up of subatomic particles and nanoparticles are much bigger particles) This C-virus aims to hijack the cells in a very unique way in order to take over and spread in and outside of the body when the conditions are right (attacking vulnerable repertory issues). This is no different than a computer hack that takes over an entire network, by spreading a virus. Such computer viruses are coded by their creator for specific points of target. Another aspect to keep in mind as we begin to step beyond our naivety about the technology of our bodies and this virtual experience is that an algorithm is a specific set of instructions designed to perform specific tasks, however:

“Learning algorithms make their decisions not by a pre-programmed condition that their data must meet, but through the auditing and statistical analyses of hundreds or thousands of datasets in the realm that it makes the decision in”

Based on a similar principle the mutation of the virus is possible, changing as necessary as it sees fit according to the environment of the body. So in other words to stay a step ahead of the kind of cellular and DNA reprogramming, heavily on its way, one must snap out of outdated and infantile information and of ignoring your own design and that of this construct defined as reality. We are in the age of nanomedicine and as a species, we are doing exactly what is needed in evolving and expanding in our awareness of the technology of life (so yes humans are going to experiment more than ever with science because there is a calling in us, a pull towards a memory of our capabilities, good or bad that call is what stirs the evolution and expansion of the human race.) End the fear of 5g and the not yet released technologies designed awaiting release at a future designated cycle. (Although there is sadness, the fact is that not everyone is going to be here in reality as we know it, at least from one moment to the next as the game mutates) The human race is always in a state of evolution however we are in a cycle that has orchestrated a consciousness growth for some it will appear to be minuscule shifts and for others, it will appear to be expansive! Why is this technology awareness necessary? Because it is how we will remove the limitations and fear of the unknown and instead reactivate the inner parts of ourselves allowing profound access to not yet tapped potentialities. It’s our journey! Mastering ourselves by recognizing ourselves in all things, will allow the individual to rise in vibration and overriding frequencies that will now have little to no effect on the biology.

Yes ultimately we will all be exposed to this virus (this technology is designed to recode cellular data) for many reasons unseen but we must know that the old behavior of escape and running instead of understanding your own biology and how to strengthen it, then you will ultimately run towards that which you fear most.

 This moment of upheaval has brought with it many opportunities regardless of the players on the political stage. They are performing as they should as their actions serve to create momentum in many of us in moving forward and in finding our way out from under. The current options allow for some to awaken in various degrees or to remain invested in the comfort and safety of political, religious, and corporate guardians and the assurances of trust they deliver. This is a great time of self-responsibility. The exercising of self-responsibility will service as practice tools as we become stronger and more confident in the use of our power as it reemerges in great levels for those open and ready to be the magicians that they already are without fear!  “Acceptance” of who you are and have been throughout all time, this will be your superpower!

Own yourself and own your power as you cross the bridge of cycles to the other side of 2020, you have entered 2021! Remember to take nothing at face value!  Your magic is woven through it all!


cosmic christmas