Mastering the human game, time loop! The end game into new levels, realms and worlds as an aware architect


October 11, 2019

Sonia and Robyn yoga flava just sonia croppedMost experiencers of this life will follow the familiar map charted by those who came before us. To follow the familiar seems to be the safest way out and through. It is a map that forges the illusion of the same ultimate outcome while softening the blow as many find comfort in knowing that life continues after this one. What if our existence isn’t about a before or after but rather a “when”, “when are we” (ponder that). If indeed we always are and always will be then wherever we see ourselves to be is simply a matter of “when” are we. The state of “when” positions us at a point in time, it gives us a set of coordinates, it gives us our “spatial” position.  So in other words what dimension or realm of space and time is the current version of "self" participating or holding a focus in reality? Exactly where is your consciousness focused in the reality being experienced? Time is an overlapping experience based on the experiencer, the script of the observer.

To widen our perception and to entertain what may be considered wild notions is essential in hacking this game of reality. It is the safety of this common and familiar outcome that will keep the loop going. For many, it is not realized that this game of earth life is to be decoded in a way that unlocks new levels of potentials not yet seen or imagined, at least not with the limitations of our current filters. Even those who see themselves as expansive and spiritually advanced and special, they are often locked into the same looped outcome. There is tremendous fear in entertaining or having the courage to go beyond the typical and reasonable explanations and destination of life’s course. What is there to lose? It is clear that one is already uncertain or unguaranteed of the experiences of the “afterlife” so what would one stand to lose in entertaining the possibility that this loop can be interrupted. What is the fear that holds us back from aiming to test that possibility? It is clear that it is easier and safer to plan funerals and to make arrangements for something that we have been told is unavoidable. One could question the number of suggestions we’ve been given about the course of life and all that we are bound to.

For a few, reading this article will seem outrageous and absurd and if one is struggling with such conclusions, then one should ask why? Why are such concepts uncomfortable? Perhaps there are religious programs that are still running within and it matters not if one is an atheist. Ironically to more vigorously examine religious doctrine we may find that these same assertions are encoded in the scriptures. "He who has ears to hear, let him hear", often implied in the scriptures. A very true statement, for what is being shared here will be understood by some and interpreted by others in ways that will support limiting narratives and beliefs. We often navigate to notions that will redirect us back to the comfort zone and the safety of our beliefs.

The entire game of being human hinges on cracking this code whether it is realized or not. So we may choose to dance around it and cling to all of the feel good aspects of spiritual evolution all the while avoiding the elephant in the room; time and how to master it! In this current state of understanding, we are fragmented as this has served the purpose of allowing us to fully partake in a wide range of experiences in the human game. Seeing ourselves as separate from everything including the space-time phenomena has allowed us an addiction to this polarized experience. However, eventually, everyone gets tired of being stuck in a game loop. At some point going to the next level of any game is a refreshing process of new strategies. Our competitive and adventurous nature is essential to that moment when an individual makes a conscious choice to go further than he or she has been told was possible.  Such a moment is a sign of permission given to the many aspects of one ’s self; the multiple levels at which one truly exists. From there the necessary changes begin to happen in one’s life in order to forge the path necessary in tunneling through the old version of the game. (This process is very different than a general “spiritual” awakening, kundalini awakening, channeling awakening, ET contact awakening, etc.)

This is a different level of spirit, mind and body technological activation and shift. When we begin to not only entertain the ideas expressed here but to actually allow the remembrance of these possibilities to emerge from within and without wavering as we stand in a knowing; this is then a game changer which means that a deeper level of unlocking must now take place so that one will begin to have access to the keys within (your own signature navigation system manual), which will now chart your course out and upward in vibration and consciousness; new choice points. It is then that one enters a new phase of evolution into greater possibilities. It is then a job well done in having mastered the human experience of complete forgetfulness in order to fulfill the script of victim and victimizer and of lack and plenty. So perhaps you may now free yourself to journey further in entertaining greater possibilities that await you in becoming more than the experiencing of default human limitations! 

Los Angeles workshop December 2019