The Rules and conditions we’ve set for being alive Aka, Terms, and conditions!

Sonia FB profile picEach day I am reminded of the closely guarded rules and conditions that we have established in our lives. We are on guard watching for any thought or idea that may come along and possibly alter that paradigm. Most often we go running to the safety of our own mental prison.  

There is such subtly in the manner in which we trap ourselves in our own mind. No one is out to get you, however, the opposite holds true in the fabric of our stories. The power held by forces “out there” is a belief that is actually a survival program. We are uncomfortable with owning the level of responsibility that we actually have over our own existence both before and after entering this vast human network. It then becomes more appealing to run the programming of being held hostage by all things external.

Although beyond this simulated experience there is no “out there” or “in here”, we must, however, cut through this intellectual knowing. We must see things as they are being experienced in order to master what is not there! We risk hiding behind a lot of intellectual spiritual language and information and in the meanwhile, one may be struggling to understand why one’s life is as it is after all the “spiritual studies” that you have done. We must step away from that state of denial and tell the truth of what we believe about ourselves deep down. It’s the only way to move into those more elevated states of consciousness that we have been so diligently yearning for.

We often distract ourselves from seeing the limitations coursing through our stories and instead we seek to save the world and everyone around us. In essence, it is “ourselves” that must be dealt with. We are operating in a realm of density (mass, volume, weight) and anchored there based on the restrictions enforced by our own rules and conditions aka terms and conditions.  We often more than not believe things to be what they appear to be as one is measuring and processing reality though this dense filter. Therefore all that we do from eating to sleeping is anchored in a realm of mass (bulk, quantitative value). Awareness/consciousness happens in layers so although one may consider themselves awakened they are only interacting with a tiny speck of sight as allowed by their own perceptual boundaries. Attachment to guides, gurus, angels, ascended masters, ET controllers all become filters for one’s interactive experience in a particular realm and the boundaries within which one will engage with reality in the field of unlimited potentials, no right or wrong or good or bad. It’s simply the rules and conditions of one's journey at that moment in time.

We often suffocate our expansion and life force because we do not clearly understand the science of this realm and the manner in which we are networked into it. The beauty is that it is quite pliable, alterable and is always bending to our will (based on the rules and conditions you have established).

This is a completely interactive system that works in alignment with what our stories call for. One must now question even more deeply and honestly the nature of your stories, particularly your root stories. We don’t have to look very long, far or very hard to see the design of one's journey or blueprint. All that is required is an honest look in order to emerge in a more profound and unlimited way. The technology of reality wants to be seen, the question is, are you ready to see it?