We are prisoners of our perception and not of TIME! Time is not to be feared but to be understood!


April 17, 2019

Sonia Barrett

Sonia and Robyn yoga flava just sonia croppedOur lives are run by ideas that we hold allegiance to, ideas that institute restrictions in the human experience. We are run by dos, don’ts and suggestions of impossibilities. What is seldom realized is that we live a life of suggestions. Suggestions that have however been established as law in the human experience.

Our belief about time is one such limiting suggestion that confines us to a finite life, one that expires. We then operate under the premise of time being the ultimate master and subscribe to the notion of being powerless. We are committed to the notion that something or someone else is pulling the strings while all along it is our perception that orchestrates the phantom experience. These beliefs are reinforced all around us.

Launching new neural pathways of new thoughts and new possibilities can change the very biology; it can change the body itself.  Each and every time we learn something new our brain forms new connections and neurons causing existing neural pathways to become stronger or weaker. These kinds of changes are called “plasticity” in the brain.

This is all based on its signaling process. The dendrites in your neurons get signals from other dendrites, and the signals travel along the axon, then connecting them to other neurons and dendrites. These signals travel quite fast and often in only fractions of a second. What’s interesting is that many of the signals are sent without the brain being aware of this action.

Throughout the course of one’s life, the brain continues to change. The more that you learn throughout your life, the more plastic your brain will be and the more that it will change.  However when we are stuck “in/on” ideas that have become law in our minds and in our DNA then life will follow the expected course of expiration with little or no impactful change in the brains reality blueprint. We live a mathematical life of patterns, codes, and programs that are ultimately measured in frequencies. When the consciousness changes the very field around us change. We enter new fields of thought and resonance that are not bound by these impermanent laws of physics.

There comes a moment when we must decide where both feet will be placed otherwise we straddle the fence of life and death. This becomes an agreement in taking the safe and “certain” way out beyond this human experience. We are plugged into a version or perspective of reality that seems to cast a veil over our ability to see a “timeless” life. A timeless life in a not yet understood (body) biological technology that has the ability to morph into unimaginable realms of possibilities. Who we are is waiting to be discovered. Such discoveries require that we step beyond the safety of our limitations and beyond the magnifying of collective beliefs that have become our truth.

The reflection of your image in the mirror simply reflects back to you the expected shadow of “time” which is only momentary until you seal the deal with it!  Wake up to your timelessness, not in the so termed afterlife (an extension of this life) but in the flow of the continuum of this moment. Open your mind to the possibilities!


The science of time and physical expiration, Understanding and altering your own coding, Going inside out!

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