Embracing the season- Living beyond conditioning!

Sonia Barrett

December 25, 2018

Sonia and Robyn yoga flava just sonia croppedThis is the time of year that prompts a wide range of emotions. Although this is expected to be the season of joy not everyone might be experiencing such joy. Why are we so triggered by Christmas and the overall season leading into a new year? It is important that we are reminded of the prescribed, feelings, emotions and reactions that become the gauge and model by which we evaluate how well we are living up to these expectations. For some, this creates tremendous pressure as these protocols involve gifting and bonding with family and friends.

What happens when there is no family or friends? While we may expect others to be more considerate and understanding while basking in their own joy we must hold to centering our own self. We must recognize the hypnosis of reality and of the season. We must get a grip on the stories we cling to about our loneliness and perhaps our emptiness.   What are these stories made of and where did they come from? This season largely features the celebration of Christmas all across the world and has a tremendous impact on our psyche regardless of our religious beliefs. A tremendous amount of conditioning automatically spills over into all of our lives and our minds.

We are impacted even in our protest that we do not celebrate the season or its religious feature. We stumble up against ideals and expectations that we either aim to live up to or take off running in the opposite direction.  The memories that we may have of childhood experiences during this season plays a major role in how we now interact with the season. Lots of loved ones may have passed on but fond memories linger of past celebrations.  We are reminded of times past when everyone was together and regardless of the squabbles and disagreements it was family. We are addicts of our lives and of our memories and for some, these memories bring feelings of depression, sadness, and loneliness. We want the season to end quickly.  For others, there is tremendous joy and gift giving and laughter. Either way, we are products of protocols and automatic responses.

To realize that reality is a construct of stories played out by characters; this can be tremendously freeing. It can allow one to let go and to enjoy the moment without being pulled into this automatically generated field of emotional triggers where one evaluates his or her life based on these triggers. The fact is, what does it matter what one does during the holiday season of Christmas. There is no need for guilt or a sense of emotional lack or financial lack for that matter. Such feelings are a byproduct of the mind's response to the manner in which we are expected to adhere to the protocols. The human experience is all made up; reality is all made up and affects our lives based on this feedback loop to the stories we spin. It is how we become lost in these feelings that can sometimes overpower our ability to pull ourselves up and forward. Often these stories override our ability to see through the smoke and mirrors of this human experience. Sure we miss our loved ones but the fact is that we are also hypnotized away from interacting with realms beyond this one. Instead, we find ourselves bound to a realm that seems to dictate the concepts of life and death! It’s all smoke and mirrors!

Shake off this hypnosis and realize that in this moment you are exactly where you need to be, and if indeed you are alone perhaps there is an opportunity waiting to be explored. Each moment, each environment and its circumstances hold significant data (information) for each. The distraction of these protocols and our efforts to live up to this prescription of reality often overcome and overshadows our natural power of knowing.

This kind of awareness can bring one into the light of enjoying any moment, no longer needing to war with expectations that don’t align with one's situations. End the story, stop holding yourself hostage. Stand in the grace of what this moment provides. Be you…that’s all! That’s joy!