Is there an end game? Perhaps it is about outgrowing our (perceived) limitations of being human

September 19, 2018

Sonia and Robyn yoga flava just sonia croppedQuite often we face incredible complexity and frustration as we aim to configure the direction of our lives. We ultimately crave personal and spiritual expansion; deep discovery and a sense of freedom. At times we experience hints of greatness, magic and a life without limits! But how do we increase these sporadic moments of clarity, how do we reach out and touch these experiences that we see as both our destiny and a familiar from times past. 

In general, we experience multiple levels of awakening and shifts in consciousness. Although we progress in stages, many often become attached to the comfort and safety of their current state of awareness.  Fear sets in as we deny its existence by the insertion of distractions. In silence, we ask ourselves where we go from here (from this life), a question that endures the weight of our uncertainty. There is tremendous quiet in sharing those deeply pondered questions such as “Is there an end game”? This question is actually the root of our uncertainty. Where does this all lead? Where exactly am I (what is this life)? Although we may identify ourselves as being “conscious” or “spiritual”, deep down we find ourselves plagued by this core uncertainty. We crave certainty!

Is there an end game and if so what is it? There is no end game yet there is, this is a great paradox. We are working with constructs within constructs and within which there are endgames. Having an endgame doesn’t mean that these constructs come to an end but instead, we are presented with momentum that can shift us into new levels within the construct. These are all constructs which ideally we are expected to outgrow as we move forward in a limitless manner. The end game is that ultimately there is no end game; in the greater “nothingness”, the “nothingness” that is everything; other than to continue to bloom into unlimited possibilities.

In this human simulation/construct that end game entails transcending each limiting perception of what it is to be human. The end game is about outgrowing our (perceived) limitations of being human as we progress into new realms of possibilities. We have been living is the human death game. So we find that many who pride themselves on being greatly aware simply navigate their lives to an end point. These are beliefs held together by the comfort of afterlife scenarios. Again nothing right or wrong about the choices we make but there will come a time in the very near future when death will be an outdated experience as we will have grown not only into an understanding of the technology of the body but also a memory of who we are. To experience the opposite of the death game is indeed the end game of this simulation otherwise does anyone really leave the simulation after death as currently perceived? Maybe not as there are realms within this limited simulation within which life exists and continues in different forms. Perhaps this is the reason for the bridge of reincarnation and karma that many hold so dear. There is much that we must ask ourselves, for ultimately this is an individual walk, a personal journey. However, as we move along we connect with those of like mind (at least at the moment) as a way to support this quest.

It is important that we discern when groups and individuals no longer serve our efforts in moving forward. When the desire to be expansive becomes an insatiable thirst it is then that we are ready to remove the limitations of outdated beliefs and we begin to trust the revolution that is going on within us. We then let go of the safety net in our mind knowing that there is no falling!

Falling is an illusion, simply another aspect of survival, all components of the human simulation. We conjure up scenarios of what falling might look like should we surrender to outside the box kinds of growth (what do you consider to be outside the box). The lack program shows up in many ways and intercepts our attempts to become fully immersed in expansion and in unifying with our super self.  We call these distractions! Lack isn’t just about money; it is also about time, life, love, self-worth, acceptance, self-esteem, capability, position, value and a host of other distractions.  These lack programs shape the stories from which we experience our lives, requiring tremendous attention, life force/ energy in sustaining them.

In understanding the function of these stories it is encouraged that we begin to examine the mental structure of our daily experiences. The jobs we work and the stories attached to our daily grind, the loves in our life or lack thereof, our financial stories, what are the stories that fill your day. What is your pattern of thought that is used to continuously reaffirm these stories? Why does the belief persist that you do not have enough time in a day to allow for your expansion? What are your safe routines of spiritual rituals? Do you keep hoping for an easy way to expand into your super self? Do you continue to reaffirm just how difficult it is to break through? Define difficult? Breakthrough to what?

Perhaps it’s time to remove the veils of distractions and avoidance. Life is the game of reality and reality is the game of life. We can continue to play the game of a repetitious life or we may choose to push beyond the limits we have placed on our capabilities. The most profound players of any game only arrive at such levels because they continue to exceed their potentials. You are already a mater game player, (just look at the believable life you have created) it is why you have convinced yourself that you are the character you’ve created! It is now a matter of you remembering and of you giving yourself permission to step up your game to unexplored realms of possibilities. So are you still asking if there is an end game? Yes but only within the context of each unique game all intended to lead you beyond the (any) simulation into new adventures within the infinite.