The Super human, Super consciousness experience is our normal, stimulating your memory into your own power

March 23, 2018

Sonia and Robyn yoga flava just sonia croppedTo be alive in this moment, in this time, is to be on the cusp of this upgrade in the human experience. Perhaps the appearance of the world around us may seem to reflect something other than an upgrade. It’s the rising of the phoenix (the human race). Human evolution can be defined as a re-membering that occurs in stages, in segments and in varying groups of people. We make our way into elevated stages according to our individual journey. What does your journey call for? We commonly gauge these shifts by separating those we view as awake and those who aren't.  However individual upgrade doesn't require this idea thrown around of a mass awakening. This “awakening” is a multilayered progression whereby the stages of awareness are unique to each. There are however opportunities that allow us to continuously exceed the default collective upgrade. The fact is that we each give our permission for every next progression we experience. This is unrealized when we are completely immersed in the commonly accepted standards and beliefs of who we are as humans. The mind is further compounded by the ongoing projection of the dire possibilities ahead. There is tremendous projection of dark days ahead. These moments simply indicate the opposite as a possibility. We have however normalized this sense of an endless pending demise for the human race. This intercepts our innate ability to transcend or shift into more elevated realms of possibilities. This is not to say that such predicted occurrences are not possible, after all everything is possible.

We must also remember that reality is expressed through a series of cycles, moments and periods which come and go.  How we experience these changing moments determines where we will find ourselves in or on the outskirts of this version of the human game. The earth game is not a singular experience but is rather multifaceted despite being quantified as a series of finite possibilities. There are many versions of being human; endless spaces between the spaces.  What is this Superhuman stage about? It’s a return to abilities that are a natural part of the human experience. This is an incredible dance regardless of the dance steps you may choose.

Some may find that they are experiencing a strong desire to re-member; the “more” factor. Although one may feel a sense of there being more, one may struggle to experience that sense of “more” as we stumble against these collective and personal programs. Giving permission to unlock our self is key…literally the key. The methods by which we become unlocked perhaps maybe what is missing for most. This superhuman shift is not only possible but necessary for those prepared to make that kind of leap and upgrade. This is already who we are, it is simply an aspect that  has been unaccessed.  These became unused features in a  way that has allowed us to engage in the human experience to the fullest  extent, a dumbing down of sorts. Perhaps it is time to return to this expansive part of you in order to journey into new realms of possibilities. This surge in technology is a trigger for the activation of “the technology” of being human; (sensory system/body), a system that has sat dormant for some time.  “Open Sesame”. We are now in the cycle of the emerging of superhuman/super consciousness potentials; to be experienced by those ready to re-member! Life is science fiction and science fiction is life!

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