Reviewing your personal cycles and patterns for 2018


Sonia snapshot headshotHappy Holidays as we celebrate this fantastic (fantasy) experience called “being human”.  Regardless of any opposition you may have towards the season find a way to reinterpret or redefine it. Although we are aware of time being an illusion like everything else it is clear that we are still part of this experience. As long as you are alive in this experience you are engaging with this system and series of cycles.

The manner in which we interpret and engage with these cycles will determine the kind of experiences we will have.

Should you choose to engage in the "Mercury in retrograde" program then life will unfold for you in a manner that supports that game experience. Are the planets shifting and moving and energies shifting and changing...sure. But what is your focus? At what point do we aim to reaffirm our position as the engineers of this experience, this confirms that the game is bending to your will. But what is your will...what has your "will" been tossing around as an experience? We are as pliable as this virtual system we are part of. It is a series of systems networked together like one moment rolling into the next. You too are a system!

With this expanding technology based paradigm featuring AI, Technology and Human Evolution I shared a vital piece that neither I nor other participants have heard before not by anyone. It is evident that there is fear as this technological explosion compels us to ask deeper questions about our own design. To enter into this mind altering understanding of our design is yet another game changer. It presents an even greater opportunity for each to assert his or her power or to take ownership of their game experience. In this age of technology and information about the human game it would be beneficial for individuals to choose to be open enough to explore this knowledge. The fact is that it’s what we don't know that becomes our prison.

In the human game we experience reality through a variety of cycles.  The end of every 12 month cycle represents the ending of a particular theme for that year such as the cycle of 2017, just as every moment is new. (it does not matter whether the calendar is correct or not the fact is that we are now wired into the accepted calendar and so we are part of the collectively accepted cycles)  However because of so much that we are unaware of, we simply drag our old baggage, behaviors and beliefs into the new and into every next moment and into every new day. We then crystallize our stories, create root themes in our lives that then become the foundation of our reality. They form our reality and from there all the necessary characters and experiences show up to support it!

So perhaps it’s time to take a moment to review your personal cycles and patterns, since they tend to run automatically we must take special care to notice them. The changes we wish to make are tied into those very cycles and patterns. The idea of making New Year resolutions is really about ending cycles and patterns and beginning new ones. Acknowledging this fact allows us to be more cognoscente of the reasons why we may experience challenges in attempting to recreate our lives. You are solely responsible for integrating those changes you wish to experience. Face yourself and old disabling patterns will begin to dissipate! Wishing you incredible expansion in the upcoming year!