When you just feel like escaping the game of life (reality)

Feel no guilt because in those moments you might not feel like being the change you want to see in the world…and its ok!

Sonia Barrett


Resized imageFrom time to time we experience feelings of wanting to escape this human game. This is quite understandable. At times life feels as if it is just too much. The constant ebb and flow of emotions entangled in all that we experience. We want it to stop! But what is it that we want stopped? Is it the experience itself or is it the emotions and feelings which allow us to evaluate what is being experienced. It can be tiring particularly because much of this is taking place in our minds!

We are conditioned to feel guilt in entertaining these kinds of feelings. But guilt only serves to make us liars both to our self and to those around us. Instead many are forced to mask these feelings with mantras and spiritual babble while choking on the inside. Of course mantras are a wonderful tool and most effective when one is able to own their feelings. It’s ok when you simply don’t care about being the change you want to see in the world. Of course in order to truly become the change you want to see in the world you must first own your feelings and truths unfolding in your life! In those moments of feeling uninterested in such spiritual insights; those moments can be filled with power as we own our self without prejudice. You don’t have to be your brother’s keeper, or rush to do “good” in the world or be selfless or to save the planet or search for a cause to support or be positive and say positive things. Sometimes we just simply need a break from the overdose of the “goodness” program which one may feel the need to comply with.

In remembering that every idea of what it means to be good or bad are only constructs designed by someone else from this world and other worlds. All of these protocols are designed to keep us in line, to maintain order and to provide acceptable behaviors for us to strive for. The irony is that it is these very same rules and protocols that continue to drive human beings mad! To be what we are without adhering to these external instructions and protocols, is viewed as a cosmic offense. Deep down in our subconscious we expect to be punished or to suffer the consequences of going off script.  Our inability to be free at the deepest level in both thoughts and actions has lead humanity to be the very thing that we are told not to be. Why is this? Because human beings are in constant defense mode, wired for survival; always protecting our self. The fact is that being who we are is a powerful key in decoding this human game. Once we surrender to ourselves the fear goes, whereby changing our actions. Our emotional state of being changes and the incessant need for self-preservation no longer leads to murder, rape, betrayal, theft, social measurement, mental instability, lack, racism, bigotry etc., and not because they are socially or morally “wrong” but the payoff or satisfaction or fears which lead to the action, thought or behavior is no longer relevant. There is no longer a resonance with these actions.

To realize the difference between defining something as good or bad or right or wrong becomes irrelevant but instead it’s about resonance. This distinction is so very important otherwise we will continue to be held imprisoned by the rules, conditions and protocols of the human game which are simply default constructs for the un-awakened being. The idea of being “awake” is a claim made loosely by many, however there are endless levels of being awakened and so in most cases when one proclaims being awake, perhaps one is only awake to a particular truth in that moment. To be profoundly awake goes beyond being riddled with judgment of good or bad or right or wrong or moral codes which one might truthfully not be able to live up to. We are fully aware of the secrets we keep about our lives, our thoughts and all that we have done. Is it NOT about standing in judgment of one’s self but perhaps it is about seeing who you were in each of those moments. To see who we were in each of those moments provides us with insight to the fears that lead us into those moments in the first place.

It is an opportunity to see the origin of those fears and to decode them into nothingness. In other words explore the fear and release the power streaming from you which continues to sustain the fear. What is the fear made of? What beliefs are attached to the fear? What are you hiding from? These are significant reasons why we feel like escaping the game. We feel anchored to reality in a way that creates pressure, discomfort and a sense of being trapped. But these moments arise in us as an opportunity to reset ourselves instead of avoiding or burying our feelings or masking what we feel. Judgment from another human being quite honestly means nothing; it only serves to trigger our survival our self-defense instincts. It stirs feelings and emotions interpreted as hurt feelings and disappointments and all such emotions. The entire experience is processed in our heads and we then build our personal world with stories and scenarios which will support those feelings.

So the next time that you feel like escaping the game of life, check in with yourself first before turning your mind over to others. There really are no rules only the ones we created in order to play the human game. This includes our comfortable interpretation of creation and its all-powerful god who we must adhere to for fear of retribution. Even for those stepping away from the common god concepts the power is shifted to the Universe. So the universe becomes the god riddled with the same power.  Are you not the magician who brings everything to life by filling it with power in order to experience being power-less? So the need to escape from time to time stems from the degree of power that it takes from our human self to sustain our perception of reality; all of the people, places, things, beliefs, stories and experiences that make up our lives.  Reset and reclaim power from all that no longer serves you, it is why you want to escape!