Food for Thought


Remember that you are welcome to share some of your own all helps us to get through some of the more interesting moments, let’s say.


Think illusion, illusion, game, game, you can do can shift that old perception of yours ( you haven't lasted this long for nothing), just think of it as a coin with two sides and right now all you’re  are able to see is one side of the coin. On the other side is everything that you want, Just flip that coin! When you do then certain people around you and situations will either change, go away or be replaced with something new! Don't defend anything anymore or excuse anything just stand still without assessment then gradually shift into a sense of how you would like to feel, no thoughts necessary only the feeling.


Experiences are experiments…forging a way to a greater truth!


Time; ti-me (it says tie me, in other words it is a request for restriction) When it’s spelled backwards the word time becomes the word emit; (emit means to release, to flow or to circulate) so there we can see the formula of restriction and release. Here we can clearly see the cycle of energy which operates as both wave and particle. Time as we have been living it has indeed been an illusion!


How can we change the projected chaos seen on the news, the newspaper, from the mouths of our neighbors, our friends, our families, the office, religion and spiritual leaders? You don’t have to solidify it! You solidify the ongoing potential of chaos, doom and fear when you join in its creation; when you lend your energy to its construction. Once you incorporate the sensation of the demise into your being you are creating it. It is your emotions/feelings which forms the structure of all potentials. Humor, humor, humor…then it all goes puff!


We don’t run out of time…our options simply change!


All that exists is this moment…everything else is speculative


If we can get out of our heads then we can breeze through the external madness for it is in our heads that we continue to perpetuate the madness

(Member C.H.) Lose Control

Does the want to have control over your life ever puzzle you when try as you might things don't go in your direction of choice all of the time? When you find that occurring often in your life think about the idea that where there is no resistance there is no conflict. Then when the perfection of What Is is eventually seen and felt clearly by you your everyday tension starts to crumble and the want to control becomes but a memory of an old habit.


When you are in the NOW you are an observer of the game, when you are running around in your head you are a participant of the game. So the thing would be to learn to observe and to participate from a conscious level. The power of observation makes you a better game player!


What I fear most is that I will continue to fear

What I doubt most is that I will stop doubting


Transitions are most often a trip to the unknown, what we feel is fear, uncertainty and perhaps alone in what feels like the eternal void. In moments of fear and panic return to the NOW moment, no past, no future, no speculations, no distractions…in the NOW what you will feel is breath, life that which returns you to a conscious connection with that place from which you have come, reminding you that the external world is only a small part of your imagination, your dream, your own creation and that you are in the midst of a shift to a more expansive experience! ULTIMATELY YOU WILL LIVE!


Great, I’ve landed on earth…what now!!

(Member C.H. shares his perception of the NOW-excellent!)

If you want to live in the now but are having a difficult time please consider that being in the now is next to impossible, living in the now subtly infers separation from the now, instead come to the deep realization that You Are The Now....always have been and always will be.



Being in the moment is the surrender. It minimizes a myriad of speculative thoughts resulting in unwanted manifestations! It is a space of non assessment of anything going on, its am effortless surrender, come what may! It is surrender to self awareness of being the NOW (as noted by C.H.)

(By member C.H.- Living your life)

Instead of trying hard to live your life allow it to take place, and when you find that it's challenging to just allow...then allow that also.


(Excerpts from Voices in The Dreamtime and WomanSong:)

"Integrating Spirit" Sydney Salt

Dancing with our shadow is part of the human journey to evolve ourselves

We are our own greatest experiments.

Have no comparison for you are unique in your own right

Listen to the voice of reason, RESPOND to the voice of passion.

Respect your solitude as an intimate path to self knowledge and regeneration

Savor the present to experience full-bodied pleasure.

Conscious integration of every voice illuminates the soul

-Reverend Sydney Salt &


(By member C.H.-Perfection)

Everything is perfect, including that which doesn't feel perfect. Perfection simply is...moment to moment to moment. Perfection doesn't show up as congruency, that congruency is ever present, just not in the way that your thinking tries to morph it into.

When having direct cognition and recognition of Oneness see too that that Oneness Lives everything ie. The harshness of life softens when you start to perceive that Life Is Living You. And Life Living You knows how to live you perfectly; you are inseparable from it to the extent that there is no separation, trust in its wisdom/your wisdom.


The process of change

Although we dream of change, we also dream of our own process by which change is expected to take place, however we are never quite prepared for the process by which change will ultimately unfold

(by C.H.) One the flip side

The flip side perspective is it appears more and more self evident to me that the deeper the evolutionary process of "enlightenment maturation" morphs me that there really is no programming that makes humans do certain things, nor is there anything wrong with any of it. In other words George Bush, genetically altered foods, pollution, rape, famine, manipulation and control are all as much a part of the One as anything else. The sole source of confusion and why this isn't seen is due to judgment of anything and everything. If there is nothing here but Source where is the problem?  Cheers, Cary


It is all the ONE. I believe that most times being able to recognize the movement of source through the many processes of the illusion of separatism aids in one coming to that place you speak of...knowing that all Source...not separate from...I absolutely agree that there is nothing right or wrong with any of it but for those working at coming to that place sometimes they have to move through all of those other levels of understanding. Every bit of it is the process of the experience but that is not immediately clear otherwise there would be no need for any of these experiences. Unfolding is a beautiful thing!

(C.H.) There is no work

I am/you are life itself, and given the fact that the one thing that you can count on in life is change that therefore makes "you" change itself, so there is never any work that needs to be done in order to change, change happens because life is always happening. BUT there is the appearance that it takes work to change

(C.H.) Illusion of disempowerment

“No human being has the power to alter the course of my life, journey or destiny” (if this is how it is viewed). Though one may experience less than favorable actions from another; such characters hold no power over you without your consent which is conveyed by your actions. It is our reaction to the external world and its characters that construct illusions of disempowerment; the loss of power to another. You have ultimately created the disharmonic results through choices selected based on fear!

I Choose

I have no destiny I have no fate, I choose in this moment always!

The Trix-ter

What do I gather from this hypnotic projection of illusion, this matrix of “trix”, it forces you to test your philosophies and theories of unraveling from its hypnotic spell.  Should you fall victim to fear it creates difficulty in breaking free of its grip. When we are surrounded by signs of obstacles we are drawn in, but the question remains are they real? They appear to be real for when the basic necessities of life appear to be slipping away the focus becomes the illusion and at that moment it becomes real.  We must however strengthen our knowingness beyond the images (image relates to magi from which the word magic is derived; shamanic) of the physical eyes and instead we begin our viewing through the eyes of the spirit for the power lies in the unseen. It is the place of magic! You are the magician…your own trix-ter.