Game Keepers of the Matrix



Sonia Barrett

May 2005

Quite a number of system travelers or cosmic astronauts have not only come and gone but they continue to weave their way in and out of this system/matrix. They are the gamekeepers, the scientists of “time” through the use of holographic tools and images. The science of time allows for much undetected movement and adjustments to be made to this reality as experienced by collective consciousness.  While they move in and out of linear time much of human consciousness remains distracted with programs reflecting a false concept of Extra Terrestrial existence.  These gamekeepers are the “energy” of time itself. They are the masters of numbers.

These magicians create realities of illusion, through numerical sequences beginning at (0) zero point, and then forming frequency patterns. The Fibonacci numbers (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 etc.) for example are a clue to the magic hidden within numerical patterns. Numbers are an expression of the unfolding of consciousness and energy. Each hidden sequence is a gateway to the multi matrix. The interception or discovery of certain sequences is based on the expansiveness of our consciousness. The expansion of the spiral through numerical sequences is reflective of the stretching of time from point (0) zero; the apex of the triangle/pyramid, widening as it descends in frequency down to the Hertz field. The most obvious sequences are dedicated to supporting the lower EMF s’ of physical reality. The power lies within the lower end of the numerical sequence for as the spiral widens in the third dimension so does the density of matter as we are pulled further and further down into slow time.

Humanity in our infantile state of consciousness is continuously being shifted around in time. Although there is freewill the misunderstood use of freewill continues to set us on rewind both in life and after death. The programs within which we operate stabilize the certainty of our interpretation of being alive or dead. Is it possible that on a daily basis according to a linear concept of time, that we are moving in and out of the consciousness of the dreaming and the awakened state, the experiencing of both realms. How do we know one from the other? What we perceive to be a state of being “alive” might quite possibly be the opposite. Let’s face it in our awakened state (as we are programmed to believe) we are really dreaming, for there is indeed very little memory held by the collective of an existence far greater than physical reality. Most religious pulpits deliver sermons instilling a program of assurance of a greater reality and of an all seeing judge in the beyond. The fact is that we are void of solid memory of the greatness of our being; instead we cling to the safety of these programs.

When there is no new knowledge to stimulate the brain, programmed information begins to suffocate the physical body causing it to age and to die.  Calcification of the Pineal gland becomes final and all the essential hormones such as pinealene, and growth hormones cease. We begin to age for all of our life’s energy has been focused on programs and codes for survival in an illusion. Being absorbed in the distractions of physical life keeps you in the game of being an unaware dreamer. The unaware dreamer is not aware of his/her options. All decisions are made based on the ongoing survival programs of commonality and the codes of life’s cycle are then final, “ birth and death”. No questions asked. Currently life in this reality is much like a vast airport of arrivals and departures.

These adjustments and interference are dependent on the level or depth in which we are submerged in the illusion. Its all contingent on the condition of the mind or consciousness. How embedded are these programs. Human beings are wired electromagnetically to operate as transmitters and receivers. We transmit information of the emotional experience and we receive transmissions according to the expansiveness or the limited state of our minds. Transmissions of a higher vibration require an unlimited mind, a mind that has become aware of the programs of limitation. Our sun, planet and reality were born from an original concept or plan that now requires your reconnection with that map. There is indeed a cosmic schedule that very few are connecting with. There are many deceptive schedules that many have become attached to.

Every beam of light, ray, sun or electromagnetic field preceding the construct of this reality holds the codes of original intent. It is from these points that transmissions of higher vibrations descend to the open mind or expanded consciousness. As I have written in previous writings the original reality exists beneath an overlay reality from which collective consciousness now operates. We exist within the outer matrix much the same as we do clinging to external reality with very little connection within. We have become beings of the visual world. Connecting with “central sun” or “Hunab KU” symbolizes the obvious, it is about returning inward. For trueness of all existence lies within. Within is truly the without, for we are locked “within” the grips of an illusion. The timer has been set and the current objective is to ascend to the within. We are ascending to a consciousness that is the gateway into the original reality or consciousness. We are freeing the mind by transcending the programs from which the overlay reality is constructed. It is the energy of the programs supported by human emotions, which form the skeletal structure of this matrix of illusion. Those who are deceased still exist within the fields of this overlay reality. There are levels to this field, some will exist closer to the inner reality according to their level of awareness prior to departing and some will remain closer to the fields of physical reality. Some will choose to return here or go on to other realities, continuing the experience but ultimately we must all awaken someday.

We are involved in a very challenging task for everything around us screams “programs”. If you do not watch the news or TV then there are people around you to remind you to “be very afraid”. An going collage of tragedies and inhumanities. The fear-based movies are out of control. The billboard advertising by the insurance companies and health care industry are staggering. Child abuse, spousal abuse, disgruntled employees, unsafe vehicles, plastic surgery, cancer watch, depression, sexual dysfunction, talk shows, death, death and more death! It’s maddening. FEAR, FEAR, FEAR!  As I said before the timer is on. The game was created on a cosmic time clock and the closer we get to midnight the more the fear projections are intensified. The government continues its time travel experiments. The early period of the 1940’s marks an interesting period in human history. I do believe that many things occurred during this period that has altered aspects of time within this outer illusion. Such distortions can only affect the illusion; it cannot penetrate the inner. These time travel experiments are synonymous with the search for the Holy Grail or the Arc.

Another interesting period in human history is the “program” insertion of Rome. The period of Rome was inserted as it would later be the disseminator of other time release periods which would occur in human history. It would serve to carry out the plan or program surrounding Jeshua (Jesus). This would later affect the world spiritually in a very major way as we have all seen from the Salem witch trials to the missionaries searching the world to convert indigenous groups to Christianity.  Slavery and Control were the theme of Rome and would later become the theme of its modern day predecessor. This energy brought in the vibration of unceasing war. Hence we have Rome heavily associated with Mars and Aries the God of War. It also ensured the role that Germany would play bringing us the Hitler program. What we see today is the revival of Rome, a modern day Rome as executions occurs while others watch and chant.

There is one country that has become Rome’s predecessor with the ability to rule, conquer and bring most of the rest of the world to its knees. I do believe that we all know the name of that country. The leader’s name rhymes with “Push”. All things are however operating according to plan. The question is how heavily submerged are you in the programs, for the deeper the submersion the more affected you will be by the plan in force at this time. These occurrences act as a catalyst to your spiritual awakening. You say that you want to change the world but you can only do so when you change you. When you release the programs and return from the journey of fear, you then assist in dismantling the structure of the illusion through vibration. The gamekeepers designed the program in that manner. It is a purification process that must occur in order to awaken from the dream. It is the only way to exit this overlay matrix/dream. You must return within to the real you which power/drive your biological vehicle for the experience here in physical reality. You must realign the physical with the spiritual without abandoning one for the other for it is about realignment. The physical wants to return home to the place from which it was created but not through death. It is therefore the very reason why human beings struggle to stay alive because somewhere deep down there is a sense of immortality. Yes immortality can only occur through realignment but not for the purpose of worship of the physical. As long as we struggle to maintain the physical through an external approach we will die for life is ultimately powered by vibration.