Frequency Shifts and the Human Body



August 5, 2005


Sonia Barrett


The word frequency is the measurement of cycles per second in "time". All life in our world hold  a specific frequency in other words every thing is operating at a certain speed per second. The truth is that all life here is operating within the same range of frequency required by the gaseous laws of our planet. This means that the molecular spin is occurring at a certain number of cycles per second. Music is measured in frequency based on the number of beats per second so is sound, and colors. Each color holds is particular shade based on wave patterns operating in a harmonic arrangement of cycles. Colors are another aspect of sound, a melodic pattern or arrangement. The chair, the carpeting, cars, houses etc they are all the collapsing of wave patterns into a particle. A particle is the solidification of a wave. Remember that all things are both waves and particles in other words formlessness and form, the subatomic realm and the atomic realm, the world of the invisible and the world of the visible.

So for anything to take form it must slow down in its spin, the realm that appears invisible to us is always operating at a faster rate of speed/ vibrating faster than our particularized reality. This level of matter or mass that forms our world and our bodies is operating on a much slower vibratory spin or frequency so all things here are measured in the Hertz field.


"The number of cycles per unit of time is called the frequency. For convenience, frequency is most often measured in cycles per second (cps) or the interchangeable Hertz (Hz) (60 cps = 60 Hz), named after the 19th C. physicist. 1000 Hz is often referred to as 1 kHz (kilohertz) or simply '1k' in studio parlance.

The range of human hearing in the young is approximately 20 Hz to 20 kHz—the higher number tends to decrease with age (as do many other things). It may be quite normal for a 60-year-old to hear a maximum of 16,000 Hz."

The above chart shows you the difference between 4 cycles per second and 14 cycles per second. This should provide an idea of the science involved in the measurement of thoughts and actions as they too are energy measured in frequency. A good example is the emotional feeling that comes over your body when you are happy or have had a spiritual experience or sad, in fear, stress, anger, rage etc. Your body measures these emotional shifts in "frequency" causing you to feel as if you are vibrating on a much higher plane hence you have the saying "come down to earth". Adverse emotions will give you anything from a cold to a fatal disease. The cyclic pulsation of the body (its frequency) is slowing down to a stop and when it stops that means someone has died. Here we can see the conditions or cycles by which the body descends in to an unhealthy condition.

Mother Earth herself is shifting in her molecular spin, she is speeding up and if we are not in alignment with her changes then we will not be her. It would not be possible as you would did be able to exist under the new atmospheric laws. What I am speaking of are all scientific facts. These cosmic changes regardless of the terminology used are operating based on an actual shift in vibration. We are being affected by a spiraling of EMF Electromagnetic Fields) shifts and orbital shift from the Central Sun from which our neck of the woods was birthed. All things are cosmically connected so the shifts go beyond the Central Sun. To be continued shortly...............