Dolphins, Harmonic Codes and Mother Earth




Sonia Barrett

The ocean represents the fluidity of Energy, the vastness of the Void and the infiniteness of creation. The record keepers of the planet have long been calling to us; the children/ warlords of the planet, its time for REACTIVATION. Why, because we are concluding a cosmic and planetary cycle of 104,000 years. We are ascending in vibratory frequency. This isn’t fantasy, but simply a shift in the electromagnetic wave patterns of our reality. During this time of conversion reactivation requires the REUNION between humanity and the dolphins and whales in the wild. They are the harmonic link between humanity and the planetary grid. Through their ultrasonic tones the harmonic balance of the grid system is sustained in synchronization. The reactivation and increase in DNA strands within all ascending humans will require a conscious integration of the shift in grid harmonics and cetacean tones.

In order to participate in this vibratory transition an increase in chi within the human body is essential. This can only be achieved through an ongoing release of the emotional energies of the past which serve only to deplete the life force within the human form resulting in a low frequency form. The Earth is transcending beyond a frequency of 8hz, we must become synchronized with this shift in order to hold our own in this new molecular spin. In other words we will not be able to exist here if our molecules are unable to increase its spin. Combustion becomes very possible in the event that complete vibratory synchronization is not achieved. An increase in spin is an increase in temperature, an increase in heat. The momentum causes a build up of friction as we push against gravity.

We are shifting dimensions. To shift dimensional space is simply shifting levels of vibration. Our planet is gradually shifting to the next vibratory level, much like a fan/propeller shifting from one speed to the next.

We will focus on a reintroduction to the Codes of Light through a hand on interaction with the planet, A REAWAKENING. Existence is a complexity of infinitely unfolding probabilities. A journey of time travel occurring within the multidimensional echolike structure of the mind. Thought patterns spiraling down from the core of time and timelessness. Subatomic particles are the substance of form, packages of light; the codes of light.

Within the human vehicle the brain is the master operating center for the codes of light depicted as hormones and chemicals, projecting the image of our human form. These codes of light form internal organs; tissue, bones, blood etc, according to the vibratory requirements of the game field of planet Earth. Hands, feet, fingers, toes, eyes, nose, ears and so on are all a configuration of light codes.

These codes operate harmonically which simply means that all form is held together by rhythmic patterns of energy constantly in motion. Codes of light are quantum packets of potentials, the formula of all probabilities within the VOID; that which lies within Central Mind. Within all things lies the potential to be all things for it is evident that ALL THINGS ARE INDEED ALL THINGS.

As we begin to remember and realign with the memory of who and what we are, we will find that we have been everywhere yet no where, we will find that we have never been separate from all that has appeared external to us. It has all been a magical show set forth by the mind and the brain working hand in hand with thought. Let me remind you once again that we do not see with our eyes, we see with our brain. We have spent a millennia of life times searching for ourselves, composing script after script, expedition after expedition, digging, hoping to relocate and unlock these codes.

Although it is an individual journey filled with the potential to ascend at anytime, this particular time in which we hold our perceivable existence marks the end of a collective third density experience. We have been operating based on collective agreements; for it would not be impossible to participate in the third dimensional game without the characters that have performed within our individual shows of illusion. These shows of illusion are representative of the fulfilment of another explored potential of the All That Is. We have lost ourselves in an occult like worship of the GAME of probabilities. We are lost in the believability of the 3rd dimensional level of the GAME.