May 17, 2006

Sonia Barrett

We dance through the illusion of time...becoming lost in its projection of finality. So many thoughts and actions course through a brief moment. Moments that turns into hours, days and years, but does it really. The linear dance is overwhelming for it swallows you while you struggle to raise your head for brief moments to peer through this window of deception. We find ourselves screaming “There must be more” as we fall back into the abyss of deception.   Distraction after distraction yet every distraction is an opportunity to acquire knowledge. Distractions and obstacles are stepping stones to unveiling the greatness that lies within. As challenges fade we are most often left standing in a void of uncertainty. Challenges and obstacles have become a way of life, they are a security net, and when they fade you are left with the purity of yourself.

A question of who and what you are about races through your mind at times in a maddening scream. Everything around you is changing moment to moment. All of your plans constantly changing, restructuring and reshaping themselves into something new. There is very little security in your planning.  We are coming and going from multiple timelines through the portals of each moment. Suddenly meaning is lost from so many actions which we have exerted much energy into, a sense of pointlessness to it all. New decisions must now be made, but what. Perhaps its time to give up the concept of being here to do any one thing, perhaps its time to remove the restrictions imposed by the 3d programs. Maybe you don’t have to do anything but what it is that you feel at that moment.

The deceptive sphere within which the 3d matrix operates, feeds off of our inability to face our true selves uninfluenced by the programs. This is a painful process as we must surrender our allegiance to the deceptive programs. Our bodies and our minds ache when change begins. These programs are an addiction/ habits which we receive our daily fix from just as soon as you roll over in the mornings as you move out of the sleep state. Those programs are on automatic download. They are chemically transfused through your brain right into your spinal fluid and into the bloodstream where your cells are bathed. Each day’s routine is activated as your autopilot self takes charge. These programs require you to be on autopilot in order for them to work. Once you begin to think outside of the box you will more than likely be bombarded with distractions which will always bring you back to the programs for now you will face fear, doubt and uncertainty. Usually these emotions are harnessed around “survival”. Survival is the biggie. It is the emotion that rocks the human mind as we have been programmed to do what we must in order to stay alive or to ensure the immortality of the deception.

But where is this all occurring, is it going on around you, no that’s the illusion. This entire battle/ game is all in your mind. You are no where yet everywhere, you are rich, you are poor, you are black you are white, you are struggling you are not. Your eyes are deceptive at least according to what you have agreed to accept as your reality. The secret is to become the observer without the emotional charge stimulated by the programs.  When we are emotionally involved in the game we cannot see clearly but should we step aside we can view the show without judgment. Judgment requires the polarity of emotions. Good or bad, pretty or ugly etc, the continuous swing spells out the function of the game while sucking you in with a guaranteed seat on the karmic wheel. Returning again and again to the dance until some day you discover that the game has been occurring in a great place called mind, spewing out holograms of everything around you including your body. You are having one big holographic experience generated between the brain and the mind based purely on your perception governed by your beliefs! In other word, none of this is real yet it is and you are the creator of this illusion!!