Moving Beyond Destiny and Fate


June 2, 2008

Sonia Barrett


Is it possible to move beyond destiny and fate? Yes it is because destiny and fate are both structured guidelines and maps attached to the soul. Together they are the maps by which one’s journey plays out ﴾ I encourage those reading this article to read my other article titled Ascension o the Soul﴿. Due to the diminished capacity of human awareness guidelines were essential in assisting humanity in maneuvering through the journey. These instruments of guidance such as the soul, destiny and fate hold awareness of the manner in which the law of cause and effect would unfold in accordance with that which is to be balanced and understood.

We operate in a sea of forgetfulness governed by a system or matrix which then supports the mission of the soul. This system within which we have been holding our conscious experience is one of finality geared towards concepts and ideas of survival. It is this survival program which has become hardwired into all of humanity which stirs thoughts, attitudes and actions which outpours adverse responses associated with the law of cause and effect, the law that states that for every action there is a reaction. It is the vibration of the reaction that is measured and requires one to experience the law of balance.

Again I remind you that quantum physics states that we cannot observe something without changing it. In other words we impact every moment of our involvement in any and all aspects of life. It is the vibration of that ‘impact/contact that is measured. It is the reaction in response to that which was sent out from ones thoughts, attitude or actions. The question then should be what was the nature of the thought or attitude behind the action. It is the thought or attitude behind the action that provides the momentum or vibration of the action to be carried out.

We commonly view this process as karmic. It is a simple science, nothing mystical about it. For every action there must be a reaction. This holds true for the entire existence of creation. There must always be two points of contact in order for there to be expression. So the need for some sort of order becomes evident in guiding ones progression when operation from a level of sleep or state of unawareness or non remembrance of the process in place. We then create debt after debt which then requires one to reestablish balance. Destiny and fate then becomes the monitor which allows the individual to connect with people, situations, places and experiences which will present opportunities to move towards change/ repayment of debts. We then have the opportunity to evolve the old concepts by which we have operated possibly for quite a number of experiences in other timelines or concepts of time.

As we awaken to more expansive levels of understanding we begin to move away from disabling qualities, attitudes and thoughts. We begin to create less debt without effort simply because the old programs are no longer a prominent source of decision making. Our choices change as we begin to move beyond the survival program. Survival stirs desperation, all supported by fear; in protecting ones own existence, survival at all cost.

To move beyond destiny and fate, this becomes an automatic transition for those who are on the planet with the intention of operating beyond the matrix. Those who are here to operate as spiritually sovereign beings will recognize the necessity for many of the challenges experienced as one is forced to release old habits, attitude, situations and people ultimately establishing balance a space of non judgment or survival needs . It is the process of moving beyond the restrictions and limitations of the perpetual human experience.