Three Core Deceptions


Sonia Barrett

There are three core deceptions by which human beings have been programmed to operate. These deceptions have established a field of interference in ones consciousness and in deep interplay between spirit, mind and body.


The human family has been programmed to “live” in order to “die”. To discover the truth about the molecules of your body and the expansiveness of your subconscious would remove you from the wheel, the cyclic wheel, and perhaps you would discover that creation actually exists within you, and perhaps you would reawaken to the memory of the amazing illusionist that you are. Perhaps you would discover that you have been a prisoner of “time” to which you confined your cells…but wait you are comprised of subatomic particles which can take on any form you so choose…without the illusion of decay


The concept of unworthiness has interfered with our ability to view ourselves as being more than mere mortals but rather to remain in servitude to all beings and forces external to the human family; this has resulted in the worship of many entities as we have come to accept them as being more worthy of acquiring an understanding of the divine cosmic plan for ones life. Through the concept of unworthiness the human family embraces that unworthiness through their servitude to many religions, religious leaders and religious concepts. We are uncomfortable with owning ourselves, our lives and the fullness of our journey throughout creation. We have made it easy for those seeking power and control as humanity willingly accepts the subliminal programs of unworthiness.


To question or to explore the science of your existence, to connect more fully with ones spirit beyond the physical body, to explore the connection between your consciousness, your mind, your brain, your body would perhaps expose the magic by which you have carried out the experience called life. The programming of death is deeply  encoded in human DNA supported by human acceptance of unworthiness to supersede any and all outside interference has also been programmed into your subconscious as an impossibility. This is designed to be so in order for you to succumb to your cyclic fait of eternal servitude to external forces, controllers/handlers. Humans have been conditioned so well that these programs are continuously accepted and passed down though the gene pool without resistance, why…because you have been told that such questions make no sense…”this is the way life has always been, you come in and you die”. The secret to ones life lies behind those things which you have been programmed to view as “impossibilities”. The secret which incidentally is “no secret” requires you to push the gate wide open on your MIND! Nothing is impossible it’s simply a matter of what you have been programmed to accept as a possibility!