Ancestral Imprints


October 15, 2008

Sonia Barrett

We own what we cling to in a way that intertwines our very life force. Let me first explain that small portions of our life force is tied into every angle and aspect of those things, thoughts, people and emotions which form the core of our reality. It is the only way that the visual world can exist before us. We infuse it with our life force.  Now there are many conditions which affect us, from physical health to emotional health. Our spiritual health is also compromised as a result of depletion in the expansiveness of one’s consciousness. This low vibration in consciousness is prolonged by the imprints we are tied into. What are imprints? Where are these imprints? Imprints are a frequency stamp of particular concepts, ideas, beliefs, limitations, dis-eased thoughts; the subconscious accepts imprints as certainties, impactful frequency patterns with a resonance of permanency and so they become stuck in our consciousness as acceptability’s.

The ancestral piece is a touchy subject but one that I have felt necessary to address. Scientists are now able to analyze and read the frequency patterns from our photographs, our hair a flake of skin etc. They can now read the frequency patterns of ancestral health maladies coming from thousands of years back yet traveling through the gene pool. What I have come to realize and would like to share with you is that the DNA alteration which occurred some distant time ago blocked a natural immunizing process which over time as civilizations change the DNA began to store/record/encode itself with the imprints of disharmonic frequencies which had a disabling impact on the body. This would include emotional imprints able to create a toxic effect on the body especially if the body received this emotional processing as trauma. This would of course create blockages in the body resulting in an inadequate flow of oxygen to the cells resulting in the imprint of specific maladies now formed. These imprints over time begin to compound creating a more compromised immune system.

The world in which we live today is riddled with Bio warfare but the body is no longer able to stand up to this imposition, this war on the immune system.  This is known and this is understood by those who seek to control, destroy and reduce the population.

We must now refer to the many levels of ancestral trails as this battle for your mind dates back to pre planetary life. The continued reference to powerful ones they called Gods is evidence of the extraordinary abilities of these beings who understood inner technology but ensured the imprisonment of human consciousness. In the end it’s all about your consciousness. The experiences of our ancestors remain in our consciousness, but most importantly we must face the truth about the tactics implemented in order to ensure the cradling of these imprints. As a matter of fact there are new imprints being added, ones that are extremely impactful, such as the rise in breast cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer. Like all diseases and everything else these hold specific frequency patterns, establishing distinctive imprints which will then attach to generations to come. We are the ancestors of the future and you are being used to affect or establish an already planned robotic species in a future in the making.

When we hold on so tightly to the ancestors we must realize that we are holding all of these imprints in the genetic memory and in our individual and collective consciousness. The imprints vary per race of people and racial bloodline. We often times believe that we can never let the past slip away, we often times believe that we must cling to the ways of our ancestors but we are in a different time and it is the reverse, for the ancestors look to you to break the code; to break the cycle.  They look to you to break the zombie effect; they look to you to send a ripple back through time and forward into the future. The traumatic experiences of a people such as slavery and the holocaust are greatly imprinted and it is through these strongly infused imprints that all other imprints according to race, culture and ethnicity are being held in place by the minds of the collective.

Again if we wish to honor our ancestors we must release them, we must let them go so that they are free to transcend from the world of death to which we have imprisoned them and idealized them. You are some of your own ancestors who have reincarnated into this time however you will not find freedom as you are still locked into your experiences of the past. You are holding your own self back. The other factor is that the disconnection of the natural immortal ability of the body is tied into the prolonged establishment of these imprints. “Keep them hooked into the imprints of the ancestors because just as long as they do they will never see what’s coming”. For the human body to live 250,000 years is not a miracle, neither is it an impossible dream, neither is it a ridiculous idea. Your memory of a life not bound by time was altered it is therefore necessary to ensure the prolonged existence of the ancestral imprints which occurred after the change in the DNA codes. You have been tricked into believing that a long life will be pointless as you no longer remember that such bodies were occupied by minds capable of building new concepts and models of reality. It is the ancestors whom we have no knowledge of that were the magicians of time, masters of their own realities and creators of their own lives, some have sent aspects of their consciousness into this time to remind you of another time, another way, one of unlimited potentials. For those who are ready to return from the dream, the sleep state, this will ring true in your soul and for others you are perhaps not done with your limitations, for sometimes it’s easier to cling to what is believed to me the known as opposed to the unknown. The unknown requires surrender to you; a responsibility to yourself for only then can we stretch forth a helping hand; it is only when we are atop the mountain. You will have forged a way, for the journey of a thousand miles not only begins with one step, it begins with you. Let us honor our ancestors by cracking the code and going beyond, into what might seem to be the impossible.