Infinite Dance of Energy



Sonia Barrett

Most of the deceptive concepts are being masterminded by those who intercepted the dance of Earth 200,000 years ago through the genetic alteration of our species. Since then the manipulation of our species have been manifesting in extreme levels, form subtlety to the obvious. Sovereignty and ascension go hand in hand, for one cannot ascend while encumbered by the enslavement of human attachments. Humanity is presently drowning in an emotional addiction to these attachments. We have become slaves to the attachment and ownership of places, things, people and attitudes. These attachments are the doorway through which manipulation is interjected, as we become entangled within the plains of deception. As we continue on a subservient path, we have convinced ourselves to accept our on going position of enslavement by interjecting numerous means of validation and justification. All human actions are based on survival, success, social validation, power and ownership of another, most often perceived as love. In the human drama joy is most often derived from the achievement of one or more of these principals.

This seemingly never ending story is at an end, for we have danced beyond limits ever experienced in the conception of humanity. We are being shaken from the dream so that all may consciously choose to ascend. 90% of the planet is lost within the sea of forgetfulness, which is reflective of the few that are consciously ascending. As the vibratory rate of the planet increases, those not ascending in vibration with the planet will seize to exist here. The increased vibratory rate will require an expansive amount of chi on the planet as well as in the human body in order to accommodate this electromagnetic transition. This planetary transition is evidenced through the much feared global warming now occurring. This shift in vibration is necessary as we move into the embrace of the photon belt.

The Earth is very much a living breathing consciousness and can also be viewed as a ship. The human body also exists in this manner and houses a consciousness within it. Mother Earth is in dire need of our assistance in birthing her ascension, as she is determined to conclude and release the dance of pain, suffering, fear, death, anger, war and all levels of karmic debt and contracts previously signed by her as well as humanity. She no longer chooses to participate in the enslavement that has plagued us for thousands of years, but to move forward into a new paradigm of sovereignty, the original foundation on which the human dance was choreographed.

All plant and animal kingdom on the planet are being converted to a crystalline form, which changes the DNA and the cellular structure in all life. This transcendence will convert the electrical composition that had been introduced into our planetary field and our genetics 200,000 years ago. The human form along with all life on the planet will assume the original blueprint of magnetic energy. We have been bombarded by electricity which has caused great damage to our species and the distorted translations of emotions by the emotional body, whereby causing us to become fragmented in the realms of distortion. The advancement of technology represents a sign of the spiritual decline and the enslavement of humanity, as we seek to simplify our lives with electrical devices that provide us with illusion of freedom.

The process of true ascension can only be achieved through an internal process that will activate the required balance of chi throughout the human form. It is the deprivation and the imbalance of chi within the body that creates a diseased form. It is the dis-ease within the human thought process and the emotional body that diminishes the flow chi. For without an adequate flow of chi, the body is deprived of oxygen, which causes the cells to choke/suffocate and decay, resulting in the gradual death of the human vehicle/temple. When we become stressed, a literal pressure or stress is impacted on the cells causing them to choke or suffocate from the lack of chi.

The programming of enslavement can be seen in our schools, employment, relationships, zoos, government and churches as we struggle to own any and everything. There are those who struggle to conquer and to own, and there are those who are willing to be owned, either way everyone is being owned, for you become owned by the very thing you struggle to conquer. You become addicted and attached. The consciousness of humanity is on the plantation, and everyone is picking cotton. We are both slave and master.

The human dance could not exist without the free will of humanity. It is a dance that has allowed the experience to be recorded within the evolution and within the history of the All that Is. It is indeed time to reawaken and forge ahead. We are in the midst of the merging of light and dark, which will ultimately result in the unity and the unconditional love of all life. This is indeed the infinite dance of Energy.