Sonia Barrett

The most significant conclusion to maintain in memory, while deciphering the equation, is that life is only a game. It is only as real as we make it, for the name of the game is perception. It is the constructive force of thought, as perception is thought, for all of creation is thought made manifest.

Quantum mechanics concludes that we cannot observe something without changing it. You are the observer in a sea of unlimited probabilities. It is a simple case of energy interacting with itself through the electromagnetic fields of emotion.

Time is indeed relative, for it too is based on perception. One person's day may appear to go faster or slower than another's, based on the perceived rate of movement which equates to varying levels of speed. Once again we are given the opportunity to evolve our concept of time travel.

All things exist in the now, in the moment, which places us nowhere yet everywhere simultaneously. Travelling from one point to another is an illusion perceivable only through the interaction of two points of consciousness. It is the mirroring effects of the visible and the invisible. We are where we choose to be at specific points in time based on states of consciousness, reflective of our perception.

In 3rd density humanities consciousness follows a linear path, establishing a foundation of limitation. Linear time is the echo of the vibratory frequency of the collective consciousness of this reality, which is measured in radio waves or in mega hertz.

According to a number of scientists, "what" is "out there" apparently depends, in a rigorous mathematical sense as well as a philosophical one, upon on what we decide "in here". The new physics tells us that an observer can not observe without altering what he sees. Observer and observed are interrelated in a real fundamental sense. The exact interrelation is not clear, but there is a growing body of evidence that the distinction between the "in here" and the "out there" is illusion.

Access to the physical world is through experience. The common denominator of all experiences is the "I" that does the experiencing. In short, what we experience is not external reality, but our interaction with it.

"Quoted from The Dancing Wu LI Masters", "We are involved in the INFINITE DANCE of ENERGY".