July 21, 2009

Sonia Barrett

As humans, we operate in an intricately designed construct. Our emotions are interwoven into all experiences and mediums through which those experiences are being processed. We express life through a collective eye yet separate and at the same time held together by our personal hologram of reality.  Who’s in whose mind, who’s dreaming who? In a conceptual space called reality, we engage in a collage of scripts interpreted through chemical wiring also known as emotions. All movement of people, places, objects, life forms, and actions are the constructs by which reality is defined.

We are uniquely impacted and triggered by the death of celebrities and public figures. Such characters are imprinted in our reality, hard-wired into our experience. If reality is indeed a result of this intricate networking system such as the nervous system, the chemical impulses of emotions, the brain and the heart then reality is experienced through this analytical system. We are literally “feeling” our way through reality. We determine what we see, touch, taste, and smell along with our interactions with each other and all life through “feeling”. These emotions felt in the body are analyzed instantly and categorized as good, bad, joy, pain, happiness or sadness, hate or love, peace or war.  Each holding a different degree of value which determines the emotional impact we will experience during our interaction with these apparent external experiences. The paradox is that these supposed external experiences are actually occurring within us, we are creating the experience through this chemical/hormonal interchange occurring within the body as downloaded through the mind and the brain. The nervous system then carries out the communication process.

The recent death of Michael Jackson was evidence of the energetic/emotional value his imprint had on all human beings on the planet…at least those aware of his existence. The character known as Michael Jackson was defined and identified by his music, his authentic rhythmic abilities which seem to stretch into zones beyond the more common lines of predictable human capabilities in this matrix/system. He represented an expression of the natural rhythms to which life pulsates.  His energy represented untapped aspects in all human beings and because of this we were drawn to this suppressed rhythmic process in each of us. This rhythm is spirituality; it is the science of creation. He tapped into a small piece of it, like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Beethoven, and many others.  Despite his ability to be an instrument of such expression his energy was infused with an overlapping energy distortion; a naturally occurring distortion in the matrix/system of this reality. We are all in a dance with this distorted frequency. This jagged energy is the root of war both internally and externally. Musicians and entertainers tapping into such depths have all apparently battled with this opposing energy leading many to rely on addictive substances as a counterbalance. The anchoring of such rhythms must move through the body, it dances through the body and the mind. Through sound and movement, this rhythm is expressed and brought into this reality through the instrument of the body. Our bodies are however leased, anchored and interwoven into this system/matrix which is regulated by a consciousness of limitation and forces imposing control.

We must now begin to closely examine concepts of reality and those ideas which define it. Again who’s dreaming who?  As humans in the playing field of earth, the entertainment world is strongly embraced as it is seen as a medium through which we can experience a level of pleasure with little effort on our part, we need only sit in anticipation of the stimulation of the nervous system/our emotions. To better understand the energetic value process or the degree of imprint according to each celebrity and their celebrated status; we can examine the manner in which the death of Farrah Fawcett was overshadowed by Michael Jackson’s death as we categorize entertainers by determining who’s a “big star”. What is a star, well according to Heritage Dictionary: “A self-luminous celestial body consisting of a mass of gas held together by its own gravity in which the energy generated by nuclear reactions in the interior is balanced by the outflow of energy to the surface, and the inward-directed gravitational forces are balanced by the outward-directed gas and radiation pressures” So you might say what does this have to do with any of this, well according to the definition it is evident that a star is being held together because of an exchange occurring both internally and externally. The luminous effect expressed/experienced by the star is created by the gases whereby balance is created through the energy generated by the nuclear reaction in the interior and this energy is then output to the surface. This establishes internal gravity as pressure is also relieved. This process allows the star to continue to burn brightly and to thrive.

We are experiencing the same kind of exchange with prominent figures according to their energetic value or level of imprint in each of our reality. How big of a star are they in your reality. How deep is the imprint? Is it that we loved Michael Jackson so much or was he such an incredibly luminous star whose output strongly imprinted us and became a sizable chunk of quantifiable energy by which each of our hologram of reality is held together? Our holograms are strongly defined by memories. We hold memories very dear regardless of the emotions derived from past experiences. The luminous nature by which celebrities shine is strongly determined by the feedback from the emotional output generated by the public. During this exchange process, that which the character represents or symbolizes is then interwoven in one's reality. This is the nature of all that defines our reality. It is for this reason that it becomes painful and challenging when any aspect of our reality is altered when we move, or someone moves away, when someone dies, a dissolved relationships etc, this becomes a difficult adjustment as each event, person, actions are all chemically wired into our reality. Our bodies are chemically wired through the electrochemical impulses of emotions and we experience withdrawal symptoms according to the energetic value held by the imprint or program. It becomes hormonal meaning an internal chemical experience.

Back to Farrah Fawcett, she played a significant role in the memory of most who were part of a time period when she burned brightly as a star. However unlike Michael her lumination did not span several generations neither did she produce the unusual or stretch the imagination, she was first recognized for her beauty her hairstyle in the 70’s and later her acting.  These are not critical statements being made but I am simply attempting to explain the difference in the impact that they each had on reality and their imprints degree of value in each of our realities. Those who run the entertainment industry at the highest level completely understand the making of a star formed from the energy of the public. Reality is filled with iconic images representing deep symbolism of concepts and ideas of which we are unaware yet these images are touted before our minds and embedded in our reality. The entertainment industry acts in this manner by molding characters who reflect false identities and ideas from which our lives are subliminally shaped, our relationships and principles for living are influenced. Hollywood gives us the ok to engage in those things which would otherwise be considered not to be ok. All mediums of news and entertainment strongly influence who we are as individuals and as a society. This influence is so impactful that these celebrities/characters purely represent symbols of encoded messages; they drastically affect many when any one of these characters is yanked from our reality mainly through the process of death for through them we receive uploads and distractions taking us away from authentic thoughts and ideas and other occurrences around us. They are carries of codes. (this website no longer exists)

Under a Satanist has MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) they will go insane due to the horrifying things that the high-level Satanism is involved in doing. Only Satanists with MPD can survive. It goes without saying then that people in the higher levels of the Illuminati have MPD, but that does not mean they are highly structured MPDs such as the Monarch slaves. Monarch slaves have their MPD structured so that they become human computers or human robots-human zombies in a sense, except they have front alters that can look and act like most everyone else. The name Monarch does not derive from its royal heritage, but rather refers to the Monarch butterfly. Children who are traumatized have their legs tied and are electroshock and tortured so it alters (personalities) form and they think they are butterflies. This was the original reason for the name Monarch being attached to the trauma-based mind control.

Under the Nazis, the satanic use of MPD was refined. After W.W.II, the CIA smuggled into the US. German and Italian scientist and specialists who were developing the Monarch programming.

The Monarch programming is also referred to as Marionette programming. A marionette is a puppet and Nazi German psychologists were working hard at creating the perfect human puppets. The end result of all the hard work put in by German, Italian, American and British researchers was the creation of an almost fool-proof impossible to detect human mind-controlled slave.”

In understanding this kind of programming it lends more clarity to Michael’s need to recreate a childhood. Children should feel safe as well as being cradled in innocence. We can also reflect on some of the celebrities that may have been under the influence of Monarch Mind control. Much of this process is explored in detail in the book Trans-formation of America by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips.  In the book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier, a number of celebrities are named victims of Monarch Mind Control:

"Many of the movies and shows use Monarch slaves as actors & performers: such as Rosanne Barr, Bette Mittler, Marilyn Monroe, Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle and possibly Wayne Newton (a child singing protégé, who never wrote a check for himself in his life). They also use lots of slave handlers such as Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, & Bob Hope. And occasionally they use programmers such as Anton LaVey, Jerry Lee Lewis. Cisco, the co-author of this book, while in the Illuminati, was given repeated reason to believe that Elvis Presley was also a Multiple programmed by the Illuminati.”

So based on this information we can begin to glimpse the impact of these celebrated celebrities on society. They become the master projector of these programs and codes. When we engage in their productions are we then being exposed to uploads while we are in a state of pleasure, in a state of enter-tainment, are we then in at-one-ment? When I interviewed Stewart Swerdlow last year, who is a mind control expert, he indicated that Michael Jackson was perhaps the most mind controlled person on the planet. So when a celebrity such as this dies what kind of impact does this have on the programming or imprints previously received via these characters. Are we feeling sadness infused with the dismantling of previously held programs or the upload of new programs? What’s really going on in the game? Take nothing at face value!!

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is the main component of mind control. The brain can be compartmentalized into many different areas. Many of these celebrities are fragmented in this manner which can be seen as we watch personalities change during their transition to becoming bigger stars. They begin to operate from these various personalities in place. Actors who completely become the character playing the most believable and convincing roles are considered the best and most beloved actors; the grandest stars.  Although acting is a voluntary experience these character changes fit into the scope of multiple personalities although not considered a disorder; accents change, personality’s change, facial expressions change, the thought process changes as the actor must completely become the character. But are they simply just playing roles that are hidden aspects of themselves as we all are in life.

On another note when “stars” die especially ones like Michael Jackson, the effect is impactful on the overall matrix. If each of us is indeed creating our own hologram, our own reality/universe then again I ask, who’s dreaming who? Is it possible that we are all in Michael’s hologram and he simply created a new hologram one in which we are not part of and of course to us, he has died? It is clear that he was the supreme principle of his hologram despite the supposed drama, he created a reality where he was the king of pop, and he was an obvious king of his Kingdome despite the rituals of dysfunction. This was all by design.  He was an amazing creator in this realm in all facets of his journey through all of his emotional antics resulting in his bizarre appearance and actions and we all loved it. It gave us something to talk about, it was entertaining and disturbing all at the same time. Although we don’t admit it we have enjoyed the perceived insanity of entertainers. We must recognize that all of their actions are part of the entertainment whether they are on stage or off stage, as a matter of fact, they are always on stage and so are you. You love it! We even find pleasure in our attempt to ignore what these celebrities do, it’s all entertaining. Trying not to be in the game is also part of being in the game. Celebrities and public figures do those things which most of us would not do. Through them, we live various levels of hidden nature within ourselves. We can scorn them and ridicule them and love them and hate them…they represent each of us and all of the taboos. They have an ability to make us feel good about ourselves, as we pat ourselves on the back, feeling as if we are making “more sound and moral judgments”. They actually sacrifice themselves as mirrors and projectors. You might say that’s crazy, what is Sonia talking about. Well, I include myself; I realize just how entertained I have been in trying not to be entertained by them. I also realize that they present to me a sense of my being more together simply because I am not expressing my life in that manner. How humorous is that? Through exorbitant monetary compensation, they have agreed to allow us to spit on them, love them, idolize them, lie about them, toss them aside, judge them and deem them, shallow creatures. Despite this agreement, the process becomes much more than the individual can sometimes bear and they begin to numb themselves with substances to the point of death as a way of escaping or being released from this agreement.

Celebrities are exalted for reasons beyond which they or the rest of us have recognized. So when they seem to die from our reality they do take a piece of us, for they are playing roles and identities which we deny of ourselves. They are expressing unexplored aspects within the human potential as Michael Jackson did. So again who’s in whose reality? One may even question is Michael Jackson even dead? Or was he finally released from his contract as a code projector, a character devised of symbols? If such stars were to ever return to a mundane or “normal” life it would not be possible unless the character died. So was it the character that died. Great mystery surrounds any sort of commitment to actually diagnose or record the cause of death neither does the family plan to bury him for a while. Could his children lead a so-called normal life under the umbrella of his “character”, no? Now that the character known as Michael Jackson has died the children are allowed to show their faces. Would this “being/ this individual soul” beyond his character of being Michael Jackson do this for his children my guess is that he would sacrifice himself to create a life for his children, unlike his childhood.
We might say well if he was mind controlled could he make such rational judgments, yes he could. The thing about human beings is that there is an authentic part of us that will relentlessly attempt to override programming and brainwashing. The strength of the overriding self is always contingent on the true core of who we are and it’s easier to keep the lid on. At this level of the mind control game, a brilliant mind is a sought-after tool. That level of brilliance can be used as a brightly beaming projector of any and all possible programming. Remember that the word “brilliance” also means brightness, luminous, radiance etc. The brain is the center from which “brilliance” is illuminated. Alterations of fragmentations, MPD occurs in the brain.

You are the star of your own hologram, look around your game. What's the nature of the of the scripts you have been running; you are starring in your own show just as Michael did in his. We were characters in his hologram. Michael has had three obvious holographic changes and this is his fourth change, he has simply created a new hologram with new characters. Michael Jackson was immortalized in our minds…we could not imagine Michael Jackson dying; he was just too amazing and superhuman. The same stance is taken with most all celebrated stars…they are immortalized by the fans. In them, we can create the unbelievable, the unimaginable and that includes the idea of death. Over the years I have witnessed our reaction to the death of those celebrated.

When loved ones or those of significance dies most often you can feel it in the air. Their presence can clearly be felt as missing from the world around us.

Michael Jackson’s song Tabloid Junkie sent quite a message as did a number of his songs in his attempt to express, disclose and expose things going on behind the scenes.

Michael Jackson Tabloid Junkie Lyrics:

"Speculate to break the one you hate Circulate the lie you confiscate Assassinate and mutilate, As the hounding media in hysteria Who's the next for you to resurrect JFK exposed the CIA Truth be told the grassy knoll As the blackmail story in all your glory, It's slander, You say it's not a sword But with your pen you torture men You'd crucify the Lord And you don't have to read it, read it And you don't have to eat it, eat it To buy it is to feed it, feed it So why do we keep foolin' ourselves

Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen, Don't make it factual Though everybody wants to, read all about it, Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen, Don't make it factual, actual, They say he's homosexual

In the hood, Frame him if you could, Shoot to kill, To blame him if you will, If he dies sympathize, Such false witnesses, Damn self righteousness, In the black, Stab me in the back, In the face, To lie and shame the race, Heroine and Marilyn, As the headline stories of, All your glory

It's slander, With the words you use, You're a parasite in black and white, Do anything for news [ Find more Lyrics on ], And you don't go and buy it, buy it, And they won't glorify it, 'fy it, To read it sanctifies it, 'fies it, Then why do we keep foolin' ourselves Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen, Don't make it factual, Everybody wants to read all about it, Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen, Don't make it factual, See, but everybody wants to, believe all about it

Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen, Don't make it factual, See, but everybody wants to, believe all about it, Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen, Don't make it factual, actual, She's blonde and she's bisexual

Scandal, With the words you use, You're a parasite in black and white, Do anything for news
And you don't go and buy it, buy it, And they won't glorify it, 'fy it, To read it sanctifies it, 'fies it

Why do we keep foolin' ourselves, Slander, You say it's not a sin, But with your pen you torture men, Then why do we keep foolin' ourselves, Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen, Don't make it factual, Though everybody wants to, read all about it, Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen, Don't make it factual, See, but everybody wants to, read all about it, Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen, Don't make it factual, Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen, Don't make it factual, Just because you read it in a magazine, Or see it on the TV screen, Don't make it factual, actual, You're so damn disrespectable"

This individual had a level of power that was overshadowed by the character created since childhood to dim his nature and to shape his natural brilliance.  Out of this character by design came this supposed shy individual, yet a magician, lost in the character created and thrust upon him as well as the self-created character for self-preservation now interwoven as one or sometimes alternating. Celebrities are powerful projectors, powerful illusionists, mirror images of the human stage; the human theatre. The puppeteers pull the strings on all of us. It is the great soap opera. In television soap operas when main characters die we are remorseful that his/her character has been removed and sometimes these soap opera deaths are so uniquely planned that dead characters can be revived and reinserted into the script.

There is a tremendous level of mastery by scientists, magicians and those who have studied the arts as in magic/science which are one in the same. Think of the ability of magicians such as David Copperfield…presenting the illusion of a disappearing Statue of Liberty…what makes you so sure that same trick has not been played on the masses for various memory inserts and deletions as necessary. How many times have you scratched your head in uncertainty in believing perhaps that a particular celebrity had died some time ago only to find out that they were not. So now you scratch your head but at the same time, you dismiss it. Or perhaps you have a completely different interpretation of a news story than what is currently being played but you are unable to remember where you read or heard what seems to be your original memory the first time around.

"One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set. It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction... Thus, it may be possible to 'talk' to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them."

~ United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board
New World Vistas: Air and Space Power For The 21st Century
This is an excerpt from THE BROTHERHOOD AND THE MANIPULATION OF SOCIETY by Ivan Fraser and Mark Beeston

“Our experience of life is determined by the framework around our society. The basic premise is that the goal of each individual should be to become a minute part of the global machine of consumerism led by Western multinational corporations and banks. Every other consideration is subordinate to the prime motivation of profit. Obviously, those in the positions of influence � politicians, bankers, corporate executives, media moguls � have been, according to their own definition, 'successful' within the System, so have an interest in maintaining the status quo at all costs. This framework shapes every aspect of our lives through education, the media, healthcare, cultural and sporting events, religion etc.

With these framing conditions in place, the System regulates itself: individuals with attitudes that suit the perpetuation of the System achieve status and influence within it; those who accept the establishment's rules soon find ways to impose those rules; those who are blind to the exploitative realities of consumerism attain positions to promote it. Regardless of how the framework came to be imposed, the truth is that the same attitudes control education, media, governments, and banks and therefore exert an irrepressible influence over every aspect of our lives, our thoughts, and opinions.

The vast majority of the world's population are merely sheep happily following the herd. Whatever is broadcast in the media as being desirable to the masses suddenly and miraculously becomes desired by the masses. Whatever our neighbor owns or achieves becomes the object of great envy and we lust to acquire what we believe to be ours by right. Thus, when we are shown a solution to a problem, any old solution to anything which interferes with our need to follow the latest trends, we accept it without question and cease to seek any further for ourselves.

Another excerpt from Are Your Thoughts Your Own?   By Alex Ansary , Outside The Box

This is no accident; this is a carefully crafted design. The drive to dumb down the populations of planet earth is a classic art that existed before the United States did. One component to understanding and deciphering the systems of control is to become a student of the magicians of influence and propaganda. In order to defeat our enemies (or dictators), its imperative that we understand how they think and what they believe in.

When people think about mind control, they usually think in terms of the classic "conspiracy theory" that refers to Project MkUltra. This program is a proven example of 'overt mind control.' The project had grown out of an earlier secret program, known as Bluebird that was officially formed to counter Soviet advances in brainwashing. In reality, the CIA had other objectives. An earlier aim was to study methods 'through which control of an individual may be attained'. The emphasis of experimentation was 'narco-hypnosis', the blending of mind altering drugs with carefully hypnotic programming.

This is not science fiction this is the game we are involved in. Blame is not the objective only awareness; a complete return to self-awareness. What is the script of your hologram, what is the theme of your show, your experience? Who is doing what to whom? The excitement and the experience come from the process in between the “who” and the “whom”. There are an unlimited number of shows running at once. There are ongoing casting calls for various character types; we each create our hologram in the same manner. We create, shape and mold the characters in our experience. They play their roles just the way we wrote the script. Children; these souls have come into this life with an agenda or some sort of general outline for their experience here. These souls are equal to you in new bodies. Again who has created whom in their hologram, all smoke and mirrors. There is humor, there is pain but if we can step back and recognize the nature of our engagement in the game, this will allow a reemergence of the power within. Reassessing of our choices and the expected payoff from those choices will explain much about yourself and the root of such reasoning.   There is no such thing as it being too late or that you are running out of time. You may simply be operating from your own mode of evolution according to the agenda of your journey here. So should you spend your time praying for world peace? No, but you may order up a new hologram with different rules, conditions, and agenda. Will I be there…maybe, depends on what your reality calls for. Michael’s got a new hologram going, will you see him again? You might…again it just depends on the hologram he’s created and the one you’re creating. Is anyone dead? NO!