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Self-Publishing – “Coach Me”

Perhaps you have written a book and you are now ready to have it published.

The COACH ME package will guide you through the process:

  •  Where do you begin in self-publishing?

  • What are the pitfalls to avoid?

  •  How will I market and distribute my book?

  • What is your vision?

Currently there are a number of publishing platforms that will allow authors to quickly and easily publish their book. However there are distribution snafus that the author is seldom aware of. New authors are quite excited to see their book in print for the first time and so necessary precautions are sidestepped. The end results can be costly.

It is also important to establish a marketing strategy that will support the release of your book. Without proper marketing only a hand full of readers will know about your book. Family and friends can go so far.

Though my knowledge of publishing I will guide you through the process of selfpublishing You may book one or more consultations according to your specific needs.

  • One hour consultation $200

  • Four hour package

  •  Six hour package

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Consultation – Manuscript Review

Manuscript review request. This means that I will review your book/manuscript and provide necessary suggestions that will ensure the best published product. Larger distributors may reject books that do not meet their professional standards.

 Book stores purchase new books from these distributors . Brick and mortar   stores will be around for a while as there are many people who still enjoy bookstores and the immediacy of walking out of the store with a book!

To book a consultation for your manuscript to be reviewed or to request a custom quote please send a request to . Please provide the following information in your email:

  • Name of book

  • Brief summary of book

  • Number of pages

  • Deadline for review completion

An email will follow shortly after confirming an acceptance or decline of the project. Please allow at least 24 hours. If there is a fast approaching deadline please call the office at 818-899-1133

* Manuscript review is NOT to be confused with editing

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