Hacking the Mind Package - Advanced

Sonia's workshop/webinar- A craking your personal codes package

16 Hours - 5 separate workshops included -download

$175.00  $125.00

Becoming Unstuck in your Game

Sonia's workshop/webinar- Self help talks dont address the game itself

5 Hours - two parts -download


Blueprint of the level one human

Sonia's wokshop- Stepping off of the collective consciousness grid

2 hours 


Breaking Character, You are an Actor Stuck in Character

Sonia's article converted to audio- We believe that we are characters we play


Conscious Reality Management

Sonia's  10 step program- Managing your reality 


$99.00  $75.00

Daily Reboot audios - 5 minutes each

Sonia's daily Reboot talks- 5 minute audios to reboot each day

40 audio files


Decoding and Recoding Body Mind Package

Sonia's  workshops- Deleting, recoding and reshaping package?

9 hour (3 select workshops)

$140.00  $99.00

Decoding the body's health programs

Sonia's lecture- Exactly what determines health

120 min 


Decoding the Matrix of time reality and cycles

Sonia's lecture- Understanding Cosmic technology

5 hours 


Everything- The technology of shifting realms

6 Part webinar- More advanced- The technology of shifting realms and possibilities

12 hours


Going beyond destiny and fate

Sonia's lecture- Who creates these rules, who creates these programs

5 hour DVD


Hacking the Mind and Breaking Reality Codes

Sonia's workshop/webinar- Examining our individual coding

7 Hours - three parts -download



How to move from Idea to Action

Sonia's workshop- What dreams and ideas do you have on the backburner of your mind?

3 hours 15 min


How to open your mind on a quantum level! series

Four part series - an exploration of the foundational science behind reality's design

8 hours +

$185.00  $150.00