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The Holographic Canvas - hardcover Anniversary Edition


The Holographic Canvas Anniversary Edition

Hard cover! Revised and Updated!

2017 marks the ten year anniversary of the release of my first book The Holographic Canvas, the fusing of mind and matter. It was completed in 2007 and in January 2008 it was publicly launched.

Writing The Holographic Canvas was a testament to my 10 years solitary quest to penetrate the veil of common reality. This quest began in 1992 and in 2001 I published a website. For several years I posted articles and gradually began receiving comments and emails. During this period I did not post my picture on the website which in some way provided anonymity, I just wanted to be in the background. It wasn’t until 2007 when I finally posted a picture of myself as a result of my older son mentioning that it was ridiculous and that I needed to post my picture. (Later on most people confessed that they thought I was a little old lady with powerful information…hilarious) The point is that I had no idea the adventure ahead. It was certainly not my objective to be in the forefront in any way. There are a few people who became aware of me around 2002 and after contacting me for a reading they became dear friends and we remain friends today.

Prior to releasing this book I felt that people weren’t ready to hear the concepts that I was proposing, one being the idea of a deathless life (an argument that is now becoming a common topic). It was clear that with me having these concerns I wasn’t ready to stand before an audience. In reflection it is also clear that my ego was much too involved. However once I decided to organize the information into a book and prepare it for release my journey began to shift.  In committing to the decision to complete the book and to work on my magazine and other projects I then left my consulting job. In a short while I ran out of money so I gave up my condo, gave away much of my clothes to Goodwill and placed all of my other items in storage. I found a small cabin in the mountains, Idyllwild and planned to move there with the intention of going back and forth to Los Angeles, a 3 hour drive. Well as many good plans go…that plan went out the door (funny now but no so funny then). I even had a tent in my car and was seriously considering camping out for a while! My commitment simply did not include Corporate America anymore.

 I found myself in a quandary as my life was in a state of upheaval, yet there was no turning back. Through frustration and my sheer desire to gain focus and direction, I was compelled to complete and publish The Holographic Canvas, the fusing of mind and matter. For no other reason did I complete it other than to fulfill my desire to close this chapter in my life (the quest which began in 1992). This space I found myself in became a great period of learning with lots of tears and despondence. Looking back I realize how essential it was for the beliefs supporting my ego, surrounding the publishing of the book; to die away. The process was painful as I was stripped down to no longer caring or being concerned about anyone’s response to my book. It just didn’t matter anymore whether they would like it or hate it or whether anyone would read it. I was just over it! However there was a strong sense that completing this book would close a chapter in my life, allowing me to move forward to the next phase, whatever that would be.

Being the early riser that I am I volunteered to assist with a local radio stations fund drive at 6:00 am. While there I engaged in a discussion about the nature of reality and of my new book which no one knew about. A gentleman standing nearby overheard my conversation. He also began chatting with me about the subject matter and got very excited, insisting that I had to meet this radio host which shortly after he introduced me to the host. An interview was scheduled then and there for January 2008. That first interview has resulted in you knowing me today! Incidentally I never saw that gentleman again. We met that day for a few hours as he evidently showed up simply to provide me with the connection for the next leg of my journey and then he disappeared! What a wild ride this is.

Anyway I wanted to share this with you as I prepare to launch this updated and revised version of The Holographic Canvas, the fusing of mind and matter. (The original name of the book was “Sleeping Gods”)